Friday, 20 March 2009

Premier League Predictions

Last weekend, you may recall, I got 3 results right, with 1 perfect score.

Mark "Lawro" Lawrenson got 4 results right, with 1 perfect score.

Round one to Lawro. Let's duel again!

Portsmouth vs Everton - Everton are a strong team, and I worry about Pompey due to them not having a permanent manager. But they are a tough team to beat at home. 1-1

Blackburn vs West Ham - The Hammers have got a lot of players out, and Blackburn will be looking to bounce back from their battering at Arsenal. 1-0

Fulham vs United - The backlash from last weekend starts here. 0-3

Stoke vs Middlesbrough - Eurgh. This will be turgid, but a home win none the less. 2-0

Tottenham vs Chelsea - I really can't work out Tottenham, and I really can't work out this game. I think it will be close, but...1-2

West Brom vs Bolton - I hope the Baggies win it, and I think they will. 2-1

Newcastle vs Arsenal - Don't be shocked if Newcastle go down. Arshavin is just getting into a nice groove for Arsenal, and I fancy them to win this one comfortably. 0-2

Wigan vs Hull - Hull's slippery slope will make them keep on sliding. 2-0

Man City vs Sunderland - Surely a banker home win. Like their friends Newcastle, Sunderland are an interesting bet to go down. 2-0

Liverpool vs Aston Villa - Villa have croaked it re. 4th place, and will have to battle Everton for 5th. The Scousers have a good record at Anfailed, and they will add to it here. 1-0

Right, time for me to put my "pen" down for a few days again. I have "What Was Lost" to read before I meet the author on Monday morning, and also the new Wisden Cricketer mag to peruse at my leisure. So, to all my readers - from Middlesbrough to Cardiff, from Sheffield to Croydon, from Birmingham to London and many more - have a great weekend!

PS. I really enjoy Tony Cozier as a cricket commentator, both on Sky and TMS. But if he calls Stuart Broad "Chris Broad" one more time, I'll fly out to Guyana and slap him. He's done it three times in about 15 minutes so far today. His father hasn't played for 20 years!

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