Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Urge to kill...rising

If Sally Bartholomew ever e-mails me again with something I a) have never been interested in, b) not interested in now and c) never will be interested in, I will quite happily poke her in the eye. If you don't go to Wolverhampton Uni, ignore that. And congratulations! You don't get cyber pestered by a woman called Sally.

In other news, Reggie Yates, in his blog, has just put this:

"So before I get pounced on by Beyonce stans, I must say Beyonce is the shit, she is quite amazingly beautiful, and I would happily give her the dick, obviously."

I would happily give him a thrashing* and tell him to grow up, to be honest.

*I am not condoning 'thrashing' black people, before anyone complains. Just Reggie Yates.


  1. She is the scourge of (internet) society, that woman. Not only does she send one, oh no, not even two, sometimes she sends seven!!
    Can Reaggie Yates get sacked for that? I bet he could if he said it about his contestants on 1 vs 100.

  2. Might make that show a bit more entertaining, to be honest.

  3. You should see how many her colleagues get… but she is a lovely person.

  4. hiya, can i just ask what kind of emails she sends you cuz she sends me awful ones, bordering on harassment and I want to do something about it.