Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Urge to kill...now upon me. Watch your backs, people

I've strayed away from this topic for so long. Friends have mischievously encouraged me to blog about it, and at times it's been tempting. Very tempting. Instead, though, I've let my rage and bile build up inside me, and hoped it would dissolve without anyone hearing/reading it, and instead I've blogged about a man proposing in a tea room, or something. But now, my friends, I cannot take it anymore. After reading this, I just cannot cope with all of this anymore:

'Fans of Jade Goody have travelled to her home in Upshire, Essex to show their support for the terminally ill reality TV star. Goody is said to be entering her final hours after she left hospital for home last week and is reportedly slipping in and out of consciousness, Metro reports.
One fan, Jade Cunningham-Cox, said: "I was just drawn to Jade's house. For her to be in such distress, I felt as a fan I should be closer to her. She is the new princess of the people and it's tragic her life is going to end this way".'

Have I wandered into a parallel universe? Where it's like Earth, but everybody else is fucking mental?

Look, I'm sorry that Jade is going to die. I'm sorry for her children, and even for her husband. I'll ignore the fact she's a vile, crude, ignorant, selfish, bigoted, racist idiot. I'll ignore the fact her husband is "dubious" to say the very, very least. It's a shame, okay?

But I cannot ignore this utterly pathetic outpouring of grief that a) the media and b) that c*nt Max Clifford has created, and sadly which Jade and her family have aided and abetted. Jade Goody does not deserve to be famous. She is not the first person to die, nor the first person to die of cancer. She is not, never has been, and never will be, "the princess of the people". I cannot actually explain how angry that one sentence has made me.

Just think about these things - The filming and broadcasting of her wedding on television. The paps desperately trying to get a photo of her at her christening. The big fuss about Shilpa Shetty coming over to see her. The interview with OK magazine. The constant rubbish from the tabloids. The constant "updates" on sites such as digitalspy. The seemingly nightly installment on your evening TV news.

And now contrast the woman, and those things, with this lady: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Tomlinson

And it won't end when she passes away. Oh, no, forget about that. We'll have her funeral, and the week long reaction to that. Footage of that will probably be broadcast as well. People weeping outside the church. Flowers left at the gravesite. Then sporadic interviews, throughout the year. And I can just see it now, in December: "Jack Tweed: Our hell this Christmas without Jade".

This is a person dying, yet the media have turned it into a circus, almost like the old style "freak show". To be honest, I didn't expect anything else from Clifford. I'm just sad Jade agreed to it, instead of leaving the world in a noble and dignified way.


  1. I couldn't agree more. What of the other people before and after her with the same illness? Will they be remembered. This is a good story the blogger has chosen, it shows are recent lust for sensationalism. This isn't British we have gotten into bad habits from elsewhere, care for those who need it be apart of there lives.

  2. Possibly the best post ever! I've never seen/read you like this!! I concur, its the old hypocritical media shebang...it was all she's a racist last couple of years, now they all feign sympathy. I don't think cancer has ever been used as a stick to beat the public with like this before. At times its been an effing disgrace.

    PS: "that c*nt Max Clifford" is possibly the best sentence I've ever read.

  3. If Charlie Brooker's ingenious eVulture Celebrity Death Messaging Service (devised soon after the genuinely upsetting death of Heath Ledger) had come to fruition, we wouldn't have to put up with all these 'Jade is uncomfortable', 'Jade is talking to her children', 'Jade's pillow has been turned over' updates. People would just be able to go about their lives, get a text when she's eventually 'been evicted', and have something to ponder over their morning Bovril.

    ... and I'm relatively sympathetic to her plight. It just says a lot about someone when the announcement "I'm dying" is met with a mass "Alright, stop going on about it" from the public.