Thursday, 3 March 2011

Met Check

Hallo all.

At the moment I'm really quite busy. As well as other stuff, I've just started writing my thessertation (my name for this project which 50% of people say 'thesis', other 50% say 'dissertation) which is very scary and very difficult. However, I'm cracking along well, and I'm very satisfied with the 13 words I've put down so far.

What this means though is that right now I don't have an awful lot of time to ponder, research, and then write blog posts. And there was you thinking I just put down any old shit - oh no, a lot of effort goes into TRAROTL. Admittedly, 75% of that effort is from Val Duncan (who's annoyingly quiet at the moment). Nevertheless, I thought I would just throw something out there, as I'm such an awful attention-seeker.

Have you met any "famous" people? I have, and I enjoy telling Dan all about my meetings with the illuminati (not entirely sure that's the right word) often, which drives him mad. Particularly as he can only counter with "Some West Brom player handed me some exam results once." An anecdote so bad, I've honestly forgotten who it was.

Anyway, in the spirit of this thread: here's who I've met. I'll try and remember them all, but I know I won't.


Peter Schmeichel - alright.
Roy Keane - dickhead.
Paul Scholes - quiet.
Ruud van Nistelrooy - alright.
Kieran Richardson - flirted with my step-sister.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - a true gent.
John Hollins - nice.
Gary Stevens - okay, bit surly, but then I did interrupt him having lunch with his son so forgiven.


Rory McIlroy - top, top fella.
Colin Montgomerie - as you'd expect. Let's just say that.
Thomas Bjorn - bit surly, but managed to sign an autograph whilst carrying a golfbag and smoking, which impressed me.
Darren Clarke - physically imposing.
Paul McGinley - legend.
Paul Lawrie - bit miserable.


Adrian Lewis - top, top fella. Called me "ducky".
Gary Anderson - top, top fella. Legend.
Phil Taylor - alright. No more, no less.
Raymond van Barneveld - dickhead.
Tony O'Shea - top fella.
Alan Warriner-Little - nice man.
Gary Mason - alright, but scary. You may want to wiki him to find out why I was shitting myself a bit meeting him.
Steve Beaton - a gent.
Kirk Shephard - surprisingly nice.
Mervyn King - alright.
Colin Lloyd - top fella.


Will Greenwood - legend.
Helen Chamberlain - lovely, lovely, lovely.
Nicholas Parsons - utter dickhead. I literally hate him.
Matt Smith (from ITV Sport, not Dr Who) - alright.
Tino Martinez - far too good looking.

I can't remember any more. Ever met a celebrity? Leave a comment if so!