Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year, New Me!!!!!

Tis the season for people to make ridiculous resolutions, resolutions which they can't/don't even bother trying to manage, so why should I be any different? Here's a few that I've thought up off the top of my head. Some are more serious than others.

1) Get a job - standard.

2) Do some voluntary work - good for the CV, gets me doing stuff, makes me seem a lot more charitable than I actually am.

3) Start sponsoring a Dogs Trust dog like I used to - this admittedly depends a lot on 1)

4) To start cracking down on "should of" and "would of" - Twitter users, I'm coming for you, and I'm correcting you, whoever you are. Be warned.

5) Walk up The Wrekin once a month - yeah, you know when I said some of these were less serious/realistic than others?

6) Subscribe to Private Eye - again, can't help feeling that this is in relation to 1)

7) Read more - I'm not going to set a target on how many books I read, because that will make it tedious, invite pressure and make the whole thing completely joyless, but I'm eager to devour books at a pace I haven't done for many years. University seemed to suck the fun out of reading, truth be told.

8) Watch every Al Pacino movie - can this be done in a year? And do I want to watch/re-watch the shit ones? Will I get paid for watching 'Jack and Jill'?

Oh god, I've just seen that he was in 'Gigli' as well. WHAT HAVE I DONE?

9) Lose more weight - LOL

10) Cut down on Coca Cola - because it's full of shit and I'm annoyed that it's taken me this long to realise that.

11) Check Facebook a lot less often than I do now - a waste of a life, quite frankly.

12) Cut down on reading the letters page in The Shropshire Star - it just makes me angry, and I can't be doing with it any more. Not every day, anyway.

13) Play more sports - back when I was about 4 stone lighter I played a lot of sport. Where did those salad days go?

Salad being the key word there.

14) Complete more XBox games - in other words, play XBox games that aren't Lego ones.

15) Listen to a lot more Radio Shropshire - especially in the mornings.

16) Get myself a bit more organised - and not leave everything to the last minute like I usually do.

I think 16 is enough. I'll probably stick to about 3 of them, but life is too short to sit around doing nothing like I usually do. Onwards and upwards, eh guys?

Happy New Year!