Saturday, 14 March 2009

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

The stat-porn for my site has proved very interesting reading so far, even at this early stage of my blog's life. So, whether you live in Cardiff, Reading, Rowley Regis, Albrighton or any other marvellous place, thanks for stopping by. I doubt you've learnt anything, except maybe what Samuel Pepys got upto with his wife's servant. Still, I'm enjoying it, and hopefully so are you crazy kids.

It's the weekend now, so I'll be putting my pen down and will re-start blogging on Monday. I have been asking people what they think I should blog about next. Suggestions have included the whole sordid Jade Goody affair, the impact on test match cricket in the aftermath of Lahore, even about Sir Fred and his infamous pension.

So stay tuned on Monday, when I ignore those heavyweight topics and ramble on about a hot girl I saw on a train or something.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Blitzkrieg Bop

Rather than burden you with loads of posts, I'll try and cram everything into this one. Ready?

The test didn't go brilliantly, the questions were of a slightly different variation to the 1st one and a lot tougher. Luckily, there was a question about Deb Willet, the lucky lady who was referenced in the footnote (see below). Never mind, two more to go, so I'm sure I'll be dancing the funky chicken after the next one (I will not be doing that.)

Let's crack on with Premier League predictions!

Arsenal vs Blackburn I like Big Sam, as a man and a manager. He'll keep Blackburn up, no doubt, but Arsenal will be too strong here. 2-0

Bolton vs Fulham I hate the way Bolton play, but it works for them. Fulham are doing their usual 'we think we're safe, so we'll give up now'. 1-0

Everton vs Stoke For Stoke, see comment about Bolton above. They've picked up points I didn't expect them to, and they are in with a fighting chance of staying up. 1-1

Hull vs Newcastle Tough one this, neither side are safe. I worry about Newcastle without a proper manager at the moment. 2-1

United vs "them" Ronaldo to give us the lead. 2nd half, we'll take our foot of the pedal, and Torres will equalise. 1-1

Middlesbrough vs Portsmouth Two awful teams, one awful match. 1-1

Sunderland vs Wigan Home crowd to carry the Mackems to all 3 points. 2-0

Aston Villa vs Tottenham Villa are choking, massively. Who knows with Spurs? They'll stay up, but they are a strange side in terms of results. 1-1

Chelsea vs Man City The Hiddink effect keeps on working. 2-0

West Ham vs West Brom Sorry Dan, Baggies are down. Di Michele to score, Happy Hammers to win 3-1

It's Comic Relief tonight! Hoorah! I'm not a massive fan, but for entertainment I follow it whilst on an internet forum (normal 'digitalspy') and read the chat that goes on throughout the show. I have nothing better to do, let's be honest.

And finally, my good chum Dan has started a blog! It's blogging madness at the moment! He's awesome, and his first post has met my approval. Go and read him, he's fab:

Greatest Footnote Ever?

I've just read this footnote, and wondered how in the hell of Bejesus I didn't spot it the first time I read through:

"4. With his hand under her skirts and in her vulva."

Samuel Pepys, ladies and gents. A class act, I think we'll all agree.


I have a test today about 17th Century literature. On the first test I did about lit. from the middle ages I got 19/20, which amusingly has made me even more nervous about today's test, just because I've increased the pressure on myself. I'll let you, my dear readers, know the results later on.

I'll also be doing Premier League predictions later on, which I'll probably do every Friday afternoon, because I'm sad like that. If I tip your side to lose, sorry, it's nothing personal. Unless you support Liverpool, City, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Stoke or Bolton in which case, it is.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

I Don't Like Cricket...

It's the 12th of March, so naturally it's time to start thinking about The Ashes. If I was in charge at the ECB (which frankly, I should be) here's what I would do re. team selection.

Strauss (c)
Cook (vc)
Prior (wk)

Of course, this is based on a) Vaughan getting back into the flow of things with Yorkshire, b) Freddie & Jones both being fit and c) KP still playing for England and not having any tantrums.

Come July, we can all have a laugh at how wrong that prediction is, but that's how I'm calling it. Bell, Bopara, Harmison, Sidebottom and Panesar all on standby.

Hello Alex C!

Huge props to my pal Alex C, whose blog you can find on the right of this screen (A Room With A Mug).

Less props to Alex C for blogging about something I was due to blog about in the next few days (the joy and beauty of Baseball Prospectus 2009 being delivered).

By the way, if you haven't discovered the beauty of baseball, and wish to, here is a handy link for the basics

That page also has a picture of Ugueth Urbina on it, which amuses me greatly:

UPDATE : Alex C has commented on my time stamp being wrong. I wished to reply but it's being ghey and not letting me comment. So, Alex C, yes, but you know damn well I won't know how to do that. Many thanks for starting your comment with "Sir" though, reminds me of the letters to The Times. From now on, dear readers, comments starting with "Sir" will be favourably looked upon.

Much Excitement

I am in my university's IT building, pretending to do work, and there is a lad at the computer in front of me wearing a Ric Flair T-shirt!

I am now going to sign off, creep up behind him and shout "WOOOOOOOO!" enthusiastically in his ear.

Because I can.

UPDATE - He's now watching Japanese wrestling on youtube, and the lad to the left of me is watching video highlights of our game vs Inter Milan last night. Is there anyone in here actually doing uni work?

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I feel a bit guilty...

...about burning down that orphanage.

But also for pestering people about this waste of time. If you've just come to this site after reading my e-mail, hello, welcome, enjoy. It won't get any better.

I'm never leaving the house ever again

No words necessary, really.

My First Blog

So, where to start? I've always been confused by blogs. It sounds like a word for a bowel movement - "Listen, I just had a McDonalds burger (eurgh) and I really need to go and take a blog".

But after following a blog, I began to understand the rich, cultured and beautiful role they can play on society. Sadly, "Fire Joe Morgan" has ceased now, but I urge you all to go and browse through the archives, even if you don't like US sports. It left me crying with laughter many times, a bad thing considering I was meant to be working at the time.

And now I enjoy following a blog by one of my lecturers at uni. 'The Plashing Vole' hasn't attacked Steve Phillips or Joe Morgan yet, but it can only be a matter of time.

Right, that's my first entry over with, and all I seem to have done is advertise other blogs, free of charge. Lovely. Now I just need to work out how to "spread the word" re. this waste of time, and get people to actually read it. One suspects that won't be achievable "free of charge".