Friday, 8 May 2009

Live-Blogging "Later with Jools Holland"

23:30 Ready? Good. Ive snuck in early, Newsnight Review still going on. With a bit about John Updike! Excellent. Coming up....Jools Holland...get ready people.

23:32 Turns out this Updike stuff is a book of poetry. Well, that can fuck right off. Jools coming soon!

23:35 Michael Crick! He's a United fan, wrote an excellent book about Sir Alex. Jools coming, I hope!

23:39 Coming up...Paolo Nutini, Grizzly Bear, Booker T (not the wrestler), Taylor Swift, Gurrumul, Manics.

23:41 Show opens up with the Manics doing their usual fare. It's got a bit shouty, it's very meh.

23:43 Paolo Nutini, he's Scottish, but sounds like he should be playing for AC Milan. I was going to say he looks like he's having a stroke, but I'm steering well clear of commenting on strokes, what with my blogging history. Behind him there's an elderly man with a terrible shirt and a black hat, not seemingly doing anything. Marvellous.

23:46 Hat man is playing harmonica. The song is harmless and awfully dull.

23:48 Taylor Swift. I have a soft spot for female vocalists, although this is the first time I've listened to young Taylor. She's quite cute, even though she has the number 13 painted on her hand. I hope Jools asks her why. The song is okay, bit too country for me though. Next to her is an emo playing guitar. I have no idea why.

23:51 Interview with Booker T (not the wrestler). Will always be a legend for me, if only for supplying the TMS theme. Jools is a terrible interviewer, although he's not doing too bad here.
Excellent bit just then - Jools: "He's great, isn't he? What was he like?" Booker T: "He's great!"

23:55 We're now having a clap-a-thon! Marvellous. Next, it's Grizzly Bear!

23:56 One of the Grizzly Bear guitarists looks like John Arne Riise. This song has a nice beat, but I'm not a fan of the lead singer. You may have noticed that I haven't really liked any song that's been on so far. This will not change.

00:01 Manics again, this one is actually okay, but they'll never hit the heights of "Design for Life" ever again. Nicky Wire still think he's a woman, and stop the presses! Richey Edwards is still dead.

00:04 I love the fact that during every show Jools has to find a piano from somewhere and have a boogie with someone. He's now with Booker T doing an instrumental cover of "Hey Ya" by Outkast. It's good, but I can't help feeling it's not what Booker T should be doing, and should just unleash "Soul Limbo".

00:08 Paolo Nutini again, who seems a bit of a twat, to be fair. Hat man has ditched the harmonica, is now at the back doing something which I cant quite work out. Nicky Wire is laughing at Paolo! Fight, fight, fight!

00:10 Gerroff, yer shit!

00:11 Interview time! Taylor Swift! She's cute, but when I look at her I can't help thinking of her family doing dubious things with each other, even though she's from PA, and not from the Deep South. Work it out, people. "She looks like a cat" says Merciless Public. Agreed. Jools is doing well tonight in the interviewing stakes!

00:14 I'm going to take a breather whilst Gurrumul (no idea) does his thing. This is pretty damn hard work, this. But enjoyable. 

00:23 Interview with Nicky Wire. He is wearing sunglasses indoors. No comment. Lots of talk about Richey, poignant but dull. (Jools holds up album with painting of girl on it) Jools: "So, who's this then?" Nicky: "It's a girl."

00:26 God, this is really cringeworthy. Jools has an on-going thing about not having any beer, or something. So someone gives him an inflatable bottle of beer. Not funny, stupid, pointless, adds nothing. Stop it, Jools. Nicky looks ashamed to be there.

00:28 Interview has gone on far too long. Back to the music please, Jools.

00:30 Back to Grizzly Bear. I can't say they are really my thing, but they're acceptable. Lead singer looks like a young Mark Steel, presumably without the Marxist leanings.

00:34 Another Jools jamming session, this time with Paolo. He's attempting Reggae, and my God, it's not working. "Just fuck off" says Merciless Public, and I'm inclined to agree. So far Booker T (not the wrestler) has done one song - a cover. More Booker, less Nutini.

00:38 The show is finishing with Manics. A legend like Booker T (not the wrestler) got to do one song. WTF, Jools? This is a very shouty Manics song, I can't work out any of the lyrics. 

00:41 Well, that's it kids. Thank god, because I'm knackered. Let me know what you think, whether you like the show or not, whether you watched it or not. I may make this a permanent thing on a Friday, who knows? Or I may get a life.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Premier League Predictions

I'll keep it brief this week, as I will be blogging again later (details to follow) and I don't wish to overburden my dear readers. Last week, Mark "Lawro" Lawrenson got 6 results right, with 2 perfect scores. Ewarwoowar got 6 results right, with 1 perfect score. Unbelievable, I don't know what I have to do to beat this bastard. ("Get your predictions right", yes thanks for that)
That makes it Lawro 5-2 Ewarwoowar overall. I have nothing left to play for but pride. Let's go!

Blackburn vs Portsmouth - I think both teams will stay up. I find both teams boring. 2-0

Bolton vs Sunderland - The Mackems are sliding, and Bolton are tough at home. 1-0

Everton vs Tottenham - No interest here. 2-2

Fulham vs Aston Villa - No interest here. 1-1

Hull vs Stoke - I think Hull are in big trouble, they need points and they need them now. 1-0

West Brom vs Wigan - No interest here. Maybe one last hurrah for WBA here. 2-0

West Ham vs Liverpool - I fully expect the Scousers to win all their games now. 0-2

Man Utd vs Man City - Ooh, plenty of interest here. Citeh got a point at Anfield, and with Robinho in their team, they will always pose a threat. Tight, typical derby. 2-1

Arsenal vs Chelsea - Incredible to think that this fixture has nothing riding on it. 1-1

Newcastle vs Middlesbrough - Without doubt, the biggest game of the weekend. Lose it, and you are down. Draw, not really good enough for either team. Win it, and you have a chance. Tight, tight, tight, but I think the Toon will just nick it. 1-0

Coming up later second attempt at "Live-blogging". Not a sporting event this time, but "Later with Jools Holland" where I will be offering my unique thoughts/criticisms/ramblings. If I enjoy it, and you do as well (doubtful) I might make this another regular Friday thing along with the Predictions. I dunno, we'll see. Anyway, if you're free from 11:35-12:40 tonight, join me! And we'll make some sweet music together. Maybe.

Mixed Bag #2

Firstly, FAO the Plashing Vole - many sorries for overreacting madly yesterday. You caught me at a bad moment, but that isn't an excuse. I did pop up to your office today to apologise face to face but you weren't in - I like the cartoon strip on the door though.

Also, many thanks to Merciless Public who tried telling me at the time that I was being stupid and had the wrong end of the stick. I think it takes cajones for someone to tell their friend that they're being an idiot - you're a good friend Merciless.

Secondly, I've had a visitor from Malta, who stumbled upon my blog searching for info about Peter Ebdon. Is that you, Tony Drago?!

Thirdly, FAO Cynical Ben - you're confusing me. It seems every blog I read nowadays is secretly you. On the train going into uni today I twigged that "Radford Sallow" is probably you as well, which means you now have 3 alter egos. How very odd.

EDIT - And another alter ego created since I started writing this entry. Mad.

Fourthly, I met our window cleaner at Uni today, very crazy. Had a nice chat with him, turns out he has a contract with the Uni. Good for him. To clean the windows there, obviously.

Finally, if you're female, and you were standing at Wolverhampton train station earlier today wearing a blue jumper with red hearts on it, can I marry you please? 


Thursday, 7 May 2009

Oh shit, not you Manny.

The vast majority of people reading this won't give a flying fig, or know who he is. Well, in the 5 years I've been watching baseball, Manny is probably the 2nd best hitter I've seen. I went to a Boston game last year, a) because it's an experience everyone should have but primarily b) to see Manny play. I know full well the history of baseball and drugs, but it still leaves me incredibly saddened. The steroid taking that took place a few years ago was an issue of morals and ethics. This is just fucking stupid.

Worth noting that sources, notably Peter Gammons, are saying it isn't steroids, but something in a prescription that Manny got from his doctor which seemed to have been cleared by MLB.


Positive steroid test results

* First positive test result: 50 game suspension
* Second positive test result: 100 game suspension
* Third positive test result: lifetime ban

All suspensions are without pay.

Manny hasn't been found positive for anything before (at least, not revealed to the public) so being placed with a 50 game ban does not look good for him, right now. It doesn't look good for baseball, either.

I Get Readers

Fascinating stat-porn recently. Buried in amongst the visitors from Wolverhampton University, Aberystwyth University (is it Rich, or Smithy? Or both?), Telford and other local places, I've received some fascinating visitors, including:

A visitor from Hong Kong, who found my blog after typing in "Tim Lovejoy disgrace" into google.
A visitor from Spain, who found my blog after typing in "Jade Lovejoy".
A visitor from Croatia, who found my blog after typing in "Running down the wing all United sing".
A visitor from Eire, who found my blog after typing in "Tim Lovejoy girlfriend".
A visitor from Holland, who found my blog after typing in "Tim Lovejoy ego".

And finally another visitor from Holland who found my blog after I did some shameless advertising on a forum dedicated to a female singer. 50% of you reading this will know who that is, the other 50% can find out for yourselves and have a good chuckle.

I'm now off to sit on a train for 40 minutes, arrive at university, hand some work in, then go straight back home. And I'll be doing all that tomorrow as well. Joy.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Dream Final

The second Champions League semi-final has just finished, and even though I don't wish to stifle my blog with football talk, I'm rather excited about the final, and can't resist blogging about it.

May 29th 1968 London I was -18 years old so I can't comment, but my dad (19 at the time) tuned in his radio to the game and sat down with his dad to nervously listen to the final. Charlton scored twice, Best sealed his legendary status and history was made.

May 26th 1999 Barcelona The greatest comeback of all time? Maybe. Sheringham's equaliser is still my favourite United moment of all time, more so than the winner, funnily. The treble was realised, yet more history was made and I knew I could die happy, having seen my side reach the ultimate height.

May 21st 2008 Moscow More history made! The first all English final, and one where you couldn't have separated the sides with a cigarette paper. John Terry had the chance to win it, didn't, and we won it. I will never be as exhausted after watching a football match as I was that night last year -was insane.

May 27th 2009 Rome Without doubt, the dream final. The 4th city we play a European Cup/Champions League final in, and amusingly the 4th different house my dad will watch said final in. Who's going to win? Well, Barca will have a lot of defenders out. If we can get hold of the ball, I fancy us to score at least once. But never write off a team which contains the little genius, Leo Messi. Stop him, stop Barcelona. Bring it on!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Live-Blogging the snooker

20:05 Ready for a bit of live blogging? Good, so am I. Thanks to Alex C for the idea.
Here we go then, the final of snooker's World Championship. John Higgins vs Shaun Murphy. Higgins odds on favourite to win, and I hope he will - nice chap. I've met him, don't you know?

20:07 Wow, they've shunned the usual entrance and gone for a dramatic entrance down the steps past the crowd. Higgins only needs 2 frames to win, and he's made an encouraging start here - at the table, and breakbuilding. More to follow!

20:11 Michaela Tabb looks gorgeous tonight.

20:12 Former World Champion Peter Ebdon aka the world's most boring snooker player is in the crowd. Boooo! Ah, but there's Ray Reardon - a genius and a nutter.

20:17 Referee Jan Verhaas has just winked at Michaela Tabb's son. The excitement of all this is killing me. Murphy at the table, looking to win the frame from here!

20:18 Murphy misses the black off the spot! C'mon John!

20:21 Higgins has won the frame, and now only needs one more for victory. Murphy needs to win 10 in a row. As much as I want Higgins to win, we could do with a bit of drama, otherwise this final session is as terrible as the O'Sullivan-Dott one was a few years back.

20:22 Some fat lad in the audience wearing a white t-shirt on with "Higgins for Champ 2009" or something similar on it. It literally looks like he's painted it on with blue paint, is laughable.

20:24 A slow-mo of the fat lad bouncing up and down. Not nice.

20:27 I'm desperately hoping someone makes a mistake and the cueball goes into the pocket, so John Virgo can shout "Where's the cueball going? WHERE'S THE CUEBALL GOING?" Nothing yet, but I'll keep you informed.

20:29 DICKIE BIRD IN THE AUDIENCE! What an absolute legend.

20:39 Shaun Murphy won the last frame, but now he's played a terrible shot! Higgins at the table, still 0-0, but you fancy Higgins to make a big break here, balls are nicely placed. And now, tension...

20:43 No! Higgins makes 32 but then misses a black, and Murphy is still in this ball game!

20:44 But Murphy misses a long pot! Ooh, the tension, the tension!

20:45 Could be all over now! Excellent cannon by Higgins into the pack, and he's almost there...almost there...

20:48 It's all over, and Higgins is just strolling round the table, enjoying himself. The tournament is won. Shame there was no real drama, but we'll always have Dennis Taylor and his finger wagging.

20:50 Higgins now with family, and lots of photographers. Probably a good job Murphy didn't win, who would have celebrated with him? If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the tabloids a bit more!

20:51 Here's Ray Stubbs with the interviewing. Stubbsie!

20:54 Stubbs tactfully avoids Murphy's personal problems. Come on Stubbsie! Ask the probing questions!

20:56 Out waddles Sir Rodney Walker, and alongside him bookmaker Fred Done! Fred's also a massive United fan, famously paid out on United to win the title in 1997, before Arsenal stormed back and won it.

20:57 John Higgins looks so much like my Uncle Mike, it's scary.

20:58 Photographers want John's son to turn around and face the cameras, but he won't! Not surprising really, considering he has ginger hair.

21:01 John and his family have left the arena, but the director clearly didn't notice and we had to watch Stubbsie, Parrott and Davis instead. The Director is getting fired right now.

21:02 I'm sad the snooker is over, always enjoy the World Champs. Pleased that Higgins won, mind you. Well, that's pretty much it for tonight's live-blogging, shame it didn't last longer. Join me next time, when I live-blog an episode of "Britain's Got Talent" or something.