Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bits and Bobs, and a bit of Gallimaufry

Many thanks for the educated and informed comments left after my Jade Goody rant.

To Anonymous, thanks for agreeing, although I wish you had put "our recent lust".

To Merciless Public, agreed. And please keep on massaging my ego.

To vivelesteve, seriously, just give Brooker a knighthood already.

In other news, I have a reader from Middlesbrough! How exciting. Perhaps they were the person who found my blog by typing in "tim jade lovejoy" into Google. Anyway, welcome.

I'll leave the Jade situation now to it's natural and unfortunate end. But I can't have the last word, I'm not worthy. I'll leave the last word to someone who apparently posted this on a Jade facebook group:

"dont u think its weird the way jade gets cancer a year after takin da p*ss out of a multi millionaire paki, there av got to be ways of givin someone cancer and it cant be proved, dont forget, people in popadoms country was burning pictures of jade goody 1 year ago"

I knew it was that Shilpa all along!

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