Thursday, 7 May 2009

Oh shit, not you Manny.

The vast majority of people reading this won't give a flying fig, or know who he is. Well, in the 5 years I've been watching baseball, Manny is probably the 2nd best hitter I've seen. I went to a Boston game last year, a) because it's an experience everyone should have but primarily b) to see Manny play. I know full well the history of baseball and drugs, but it still leaves me incredibly saddened. The steroid taking that took place a few years ago was an issue of morals and ethics. This is just fucking stupid.

Worth noting that sources, notably Peter Gammons, are saying it isn't steroids, but something in a prescription that Manny got from his doctor which seemed to have been cleared by MLB.


Positive steroid test results

* First positive test result: 50 game suspension
* Second positive test result: 100 game suspension
* Third positive test result: lifetime ban

All suspensions are without pay.

Manny hasn't been found positive for anything before (at least, not revealed to the public) so being placed with a 50 game ban does not look good for him, right now. It doesn't look good for baseball, either.

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  1. The whole steroid issue in sports can easily be solved by full legalisation. There will be no unfair advantage, with players being able to make the choice for themselves as to whether the health risks outweigh the performance increases. Cycling has become less exciting since blood doping was banned, and what baseball fan doesn't enjoying seeing massive home runs and 102mph fastballs? Remember: chicks dig the long ball.