Friday, 8 May 2009

Mixed Bag #2

Firstly, FAO the Plashing Vole - many sorries for overreacting madly yesterday. You caught me at a bad moment, but that isn't an excuse. I did pop up to your office today to apologise face to face but you weren't in - I like the cartoon strip on the door though.

Also, many thanks to Merciless Public who tried telling me at the time that I was being stupid and had the wrong end of the stick. I think it takes cajones for someone to tell their friend that they're being an idiot - you're a good friend Merciless.

Secondly, I've had a visitor from Malta, who stumbled upon my blog searching for info about Peter Ebdon. Is that you, Tony Drago?!

Thirdly, FAO Cynical Ben - you're confusing me. It seems every blog I read nowadays is secretly you. On the train going into uni today I twigged that "Radford Sallow" is probably you as well, which means you now have 3 alter egos. How very odd.

EDIT - And another alter ego created since I started writing this entry. Mad.

Fourthly, I met our window cleaner at Uni today, very crazy. Had a nice chat with him, turns out he has a contract with the Uni. Good for him. To clean the windows there, obviously.

Finally, if you're female, and you were standing at Wolverhampton train station earlier today wearing a blue jumper with red hearts on it, can I marry you please? 



  1. Well, we have a little problem here, I'm more interested in your friend with the huge cajones. Sorry. He sounds very manly.

  2. Sorry, did a bit of a cynical Ben there.

  3. Hallo there. I think if you go to my blog now then all the extra blogs will make a kind of sense. Or go straight to

    I promise I am not Radford. He is the imaginings of another of the Vole's friends.

  4. Hello. Absolutely no need for any kind of apology - but thanks anyway. And Radford really isn't anything to do with Cynical, except that he's the avatar of another Map Twat with a weird sense of humour. They're an odd lot, my friends…