Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Dream Final

The second Champions League semi-final has just finished, and even though I don't wish to stifle my blog with football talk, I'm rather excited about the final, and can't resist blogging about it.

May 29th 1968 London I was -18 years old so I can't comment, but my dad (19 at the time) tuned in his radio to the game and sat down with his dad to nervously listen to the final. Charlton scored twice, Best sealed his legendary status and history was made.

May 26th 1999 Barcelona The greatest comeback of all time? Maybe. Sheringham's equaliser is still my favourite United moment of all time, more so than the winner, funnily. The treble was realised, yet more history was made and I knew I could die happy, having seen my side reach the ultimate height.

May 21st 2008 Moscow More history made! The first all English final, and one where you couldn't have separated the sides with a cigarette paper. John Terry had the chance to win it, didn't, and we won it. I will never be as exhausted after watching a football match as I was that night last year -was insane.

May 27th 2009 Rome Without doubt, the dream final. The 4th city we play a European Cup/Champions League final in, and amusingly the 4th different house my dad will watch said final in. Who's going to win? Well, Barca will have a lot of defenders out. If we can get hold of the ball, I fancy us to score at least once. But never write off a team which contains the little genius, Leo Messi. Stop him, stop Barcelona. Bring it on!


  1. Lets not discriminate, there's also the play-offs. I love the play-offs me, especially when we're not involved like tha circus against Derby. The Graham Poll show as it became known by me and just me.

  2. I cannot wait, my ears are stinging with excitement. I feel like Gary Glitter when walks by a Vietnamise school.

  3. Thanks for your comments on Cynical Ben. Did you write your essay yourself?

    As for the final - Barcelona 2-1.

  4. Yes, I am writing my essay myself, thankyou very much Vole.

    If I was going to plagiarise someone else's, it would be a damn site better than the rambling bollocks I've put down so far.