Friday, 8 May 2009

Live-Blogging "Later with Jools Holland"

23:30 Ready? Good. Ive snuck in early, Newsnight Review still going on. With a bit about John Updike! Excellent. Coming up....Jools Holland...get ready people.

23:32 Turns out this Updike stuff is a book of poetry. Well, that can fuck right off. Jools coming soon!

23:35 Michael Crick! He's a United fan, wrote an excellent book about Sir Alex. Jools coming, I hope!

23:39 Coming up...Paolo Nutini, Grizzly Bear, Booker T (not the wrestler), Taylor Swift, Gurrumul, Manics.

23:41 Show opens up with the Manics doing their usual fare. It's got a bit shouty, it's very meh.

23:43 Paolo Nutini, he's Scottish, but sounds like he should be playing for AC Milan. I was going to say he looks like he's having a stroke, but I'm steering well clear of commenting on strokes, what with my blogging history. Behind him there's an elderly man with a terrible shirt and a black hat, not seemingly doing anything. Marvellous.

23:46 Hat man is playing harmonica. The song is harmless and awfully dull.

23:48 Taylor Swift. I have a soft spot for female vocalists, although this is the first time I've listened to young Taylor. She's quite cute, even though she has the number 13 painted on her hand. I hope Jools asks her why. The song is okay, bit too country for me though. Next to her is an emo playing guitar. I have no idea why.

23:51 Interview with Booker T (not the wrestler). Will always be a legend for me, if only for supplying the TMS theme. Jools is a terrible interviewer, although he's not doing too bad here.
Excellent bit just then - Jools: "He's great, isn't he? What was he like?" Booker T: "He's great!"

23:55 We're now having a clap-a-thon! Marvellous. Next, it's Grizzly Bear!

23:56 One of the Grizzly Bear guitarists looks like John Arne Riise. This song has a nice beat, but I'm not a fan of the lead singer. You may have noticed that I haven't really liked any song that's been on so far. This will not change.

00:01 Manics again, this one is actually okay, but they'll never hit the heights of "Design for Life" ever again. Nicky Wire still think he's a woman, and stop the presses! Richey Edwards is still dead.

00:04 I love the fact that during every show Jools has to find a piano from somewhere and have a boogie with someone. He's now with Booker T doing an instrumental cover of "Hey Ya" by Outkast. It's good, but I can't help feeling it's not what Booker T should be doing, and should just unleash "Soul Limbo".

00:08 Paolo Nutini again, who seems a bit of a twat, to be fair. Hat man has ditched the harmonica, is now at the back doing something which I cant quite work out. Nicky Wire is laughing at Paolo! Fight, fight, fight!

00:10 Gerroff, yer shit!

00:11 Interview time! Taylor Swift! She's cute, but when I look at her I can't help thinking of her family doing dubious things with each other, even though she's from PA, and not from the Deep South. Work it out, people. "She looks like a cat" says Merciless Public. Agreed. Jools is doing well tonight in the interviewing stakes!

00:14 I'm going to take a breather whilst Gurrumul (no idea) does his thing. This is pretty damn hard work, this. But enjoyable. 

00:23 Interview with Nicky Wire. He is wearing sunglasses indoors. No comment. Lots of talk about Richey, poignant but dull. (Jools holds up album with painting of girl on it) Jools: "So, who's this then?" Nicky: "It's a girl."

00:26 God, this is really cringeworthy. Jools has an on-going thing about not having any beer, or something. So someone gives him an inflatable bottle of beer. Not funny, stupid, pointless, adds nothing. Stop it, Jools. Nicky looks ashamed to be there.

00:28 Interview has gone on far too long. Back to the music please, Jools.

00:30 Back to Grizzly Bear. I can't say they are really my thing, but they're acceptable. Lead singer looks like a young Mark Steel, presumably without the Marxist leanings.

00:34 Another Jools jamming session, this time with Paolo. He's attempting Reggae, and my God, it's not working. "Just fuck off" says Merciless Public, and I'm inclined to agree. So far Booker T (not the wrestler) has done one song - a cover. More Booker, less Nutini.

00:38 The show is finishing with Manics. A legend like Booker T (not the wrestler) got to do one song. WTF, Jools? This is a very shouty Manics song, I can't work out any of the lyrics. 

00:41 Well, that's it kids. Thank god, because I'm knackered. Let me know what you think, whether you like the show or not, whether you watched it or not. I may make this a permanent thing on a Friday, who knows? Or I may get a life.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I'm ready! Luckily for you I turned down going out tonight, pulling a bird and getting her number. Oh well, Manics and Grizzly Bear!

  2. Dang! What a show and this live blog has excelled beyond all expectation.

    Thank the lord for food posioning or else I'd missed out on this!

    Merciless, you man whore. Less of the flirations and more blogging, pal.

  3. I hate Jools Holland. He makes my fists itch. I just can't help feeling that if J S Bach himself appeared on the show, Jools would crack that oily, shit-eating grin, ooze onto the piano stool and say something like 'very nice, J S, but what you need's a bit of boogie-woogie' - and then proceed to play along. I'm getting angry just envisaging his smug face, expensive-but-nasty suits and bulging gut.