Thursday, 6 August 2009

Is this the start or the end?

Sorry folks, it's time for another Slarkie letter. This one was published last night, and I was going to ignore it, as it wasn't particularly interesting, but then the ending caught my eye. This is either the start of something interesting, or it might be the death knell for it, I'm not too sure yet.

Slarkie? The floor is yours!

Whew! The letters page of the Star gets more like Wimbledon centre court every day.

It really doesn't. I hate to be pedantic and funny here, but there is absolutely no comparison with Wimbledon centre court at all going on here. Ever. Period.

Splendid smash from Alwyn Cox. Impossible to return the spin service - the grass twists under his feet.

I see. What Slarkie is about to do here is take people who have written in recently, and use various tennis comparisons to describe them.

Like I said, this letter isn't very interesting, and I was just going to ignore it. However, if we skip about 5 paragraphs and we get to the end...

The fun goes on...

It really doesn't.

and as for the guy who wishes to use all my letters to the "Sloppy Star" as he calls it, to make a blog for himself I hope he enjoys this one!

I bet he won't. Oh, I see - you mean me. I had a sneaking suspicion that either your good self or a relative of yours had visited my blog, Slarkie. If you are reading this, I'm not using your letters to make a name for myself, really. And I analyse your letters with a smile and a rueful shake of the head, not with anger and hatred. I don't agree with your views, but that is life. Keep on writing in, please. It's just a bit of fun, innit?

You'll have to go some to catch Guido Fawkes and the fortune he's made!

This is strictly non-profit, Slarkie. And thanks for the cheap plug.

I just want to end this entry with some responses to Voley's comment he left me earlier, which you can find if you scroll down and find my last Slark-related entry.

Vole: 1) I don't think Slark is a wind-up, I just think she's a little old lady with some funny views, and might be a bit lonely and wish to share them.
2) It is certainly not me! I swear on Ana Ivanovic's life, although writing letters like that as a joke would be the kind of silly thing I would do.
3) Just because she is a Blairite, does not take away from the fact that Caroline Flint is gorgeous. Especially by MPs standards...

I really am going to cut down on the Slark stuff now, and get back to regular blogging. But I'll still be reading, Slarkie...reading...and waiting...

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