Monday, 3 August 2009

A crisis of confidence

Last night/this morning I was in bed (laying? lying? lieing?) and I was reflecting on something I said to a friend a few weeks back.

We were talking about blogs/blogging, and about why people start up their own blog. I told my friend what I've mentioned on here before - that I started blogging after following The Plashing Vole's excellent effort, that my blog gave me some Creative Writing exercise (handy for my course), that it was all just a bit of fun, and I wouldn't post about politics and heayweight stuff.

But something is weighing on my mind. Recently, as you regular readers will know, I've been criticising idiotic letters written into my local paper. These letters have concerned politics, so I've already broken that vow about blogging about political stuff. I've really enjoyed doing this, and I know when I hear the thud of the paper landing on the doormat soon I'll be rushing down and scanning through the letters page once again.

But I can't help thinking that this was never what my blog was meant to be. I try and make those entries humorous, and I hope you realise that I'm doing these entries light-heartedly and not stabbing the keyboard violently and screaming "SCREW YOU SLARK!" throughout.

I guess I'm just worried that this stuff might take over my blog, and before long I'll be doing this every day. Of course what would happen then is that the happy-clappy, fun, light-hearted nature of my blog will be taken over my long-winded rantings.

SO, I feel I have a choice. Either I carry on like this, and run the risk of that happening, OR I set up a new blog. Call it "Letters from Hell" or something and take my smarky comments off to there, and leave this blog free for random musings, youtube videos and various stuff.

And this is where you come in. If you're a regular reader, what do you think? Would you be interested in a separate blog filled with all this stuff? Or do you think I should carry on doing it on here? Or maybe not do it at all? All comments welcome, because it's on my mind.


  1. Keep it on here. The humour comes over (better than mine, anyway), and the variation keeps it interesting. You might have found your mission in goading Nazis anyway. Until you get added to Redwatch (which would be ironic) and then murdered.

  2. My blog was a compulsory part of the 'being bad' module. I just continued it because I enjoyed it.
    I think your blog is very good, and that you should continue to do all the things you are doing on this one, including the political rants.

  3. Yours is without doubt one of my favourite blogs. I'd keep the letters in here because the humour does work so it keeps in with the rest of the blog.

    Plus, if you did start a seperate blog dealing with Nazi letter writers you would end up spending a huge section of your life reading the Metro. Nobody needs to do that.