Friday, 29 May 2009

Live-blogging 'Later with Jools Holland'

23:35 Are you ready? I SAID - ARE! YOU! READY! Then, for the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching at home.....LET'S GET READY TO LIVE-BLOGGGGGGGGGGGG!
And if you're not down with that, I got two words for ya - Please leave!

23:38 Coming up tonight - Kasabian, The Pretenders, Regina Spektor(!) Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Baaba Maal, Paul Jones, Golden Silvers.

23:40 This show is the last in the series! We kick off with Kasabian, I like listening to their first album when I'm angry.

23:42 Once you've heard one Kasabian record, you've heard them all to be honest. Serge from Kasabian is a snooker fan, amusingly. Lead singer looks a twat, even more so with long hair.

23:44 The Pretenders! Doing a song called "Don't Cut Your Hair" - this won't end well. Hasn't started well, to be honest. Perhaps it's aimed at Kasabian's lead singer.

23:47 I was right - it was shit.

23:49 Some chap called Baaba Maal, accompanied by The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. I'm going to hate this. To be fair, I hate all music - quite why I even watch this show is beyond me. Just in the vain hope that The Ting Tings will be on one day.

23:50 Why do people jig about when playing trumpets/trombones etc? Just looks mental, albeit co-ordinated mental-ness.

23:51 Mr Maal looks a bit like a thinner, younger Reginald D Hunter.

23:52 Oh-oh, interview time. Jools is terrible at interviewing! Here he is talking to Chrissie Hynde, who looks old nowadays. Jools: "Is it nice having a band?" Weren't you in one Jools, or did I just dream up 'Squeeze'?

23:53 Jools Holland just reminded me so much of my friend Alex C just then, in his tone and mannerism. Slightly disturbing.

23:54 Jools: "I'm doing a survey of musicians - what time do you get up out of bed?" This is utter bollocks, for fucks sake. No-one cares, Jools.

23:57 Here comes Golden Silvers. The singer looks like he's just got out of bed and hasn't brushed his hair. I should know, that's been my style for 20 years. He looks a bit Marc Almond-ish. 

23:58 Golden Silvers instantly forgettable. Save us, Regina.

00:00 Dead on the witching hour, here comes Ree-gy-na / Ree-gee-na. Ah, balls, she's doing "Blue Lips", this one is just too damn slow. Shame, I'm a sucker for a female vocalist. Which reminds me:

"Pop star Sophie Ellis-Bextor has been found dead in the hotel room of a French international footballer. The police officer leading the investigation believe it to be a case of murder on Zidane's floor."

Oh, fuck off.

00:03 Another one from The Pretenders, before Paul Jones has even done one. Way to go, Jools! To be fair, we all know it's going to be Doo Wah Diddy.

00:07 And now Kasabian again. Is Paul Jones just there to make the tea? Hmm, "Fast Fuse" - I quite like this one, but, again, it's all just so flipping same-y from them.

00:12 Chat with Paul Jones! At the piano! This will be cringe-worthy!

00:13 The Manfreds are still going? Jeez.

00:16 Chat with Paul Jones wasn't too bad, although I'm 99% certain Paul was wearing a wig. On we go, back to Mr Maal, doing some rubbish in a different language. They come over here, nicking our jobs, can't speak proper...

00:19 There is a fly on my screen. In other news, I'm not being funny, but this is utter, utter shit. Please clear off, Baaba.

00:21 Paul Jones singing? Check. Jools doing "boogie woogie" on piano? Check. Song named after a Harry Potter book? Check. It's Paul Jones with 'Philosopher's Stone'!

00:22 It's my favourite of the evening so far, although that's not saying much.

00:25 The Hynoptic Brass Ensemble is my cue for a toilet break. STOP MOVING ABOUT WHEN PLAYING INSTRUMENTS! Jesus. The bathroom is next door to my room, but I'll try and find a way to kill myself on the way there. If I don't update after this, someone phone the police.

00:32 I'm back! Sadly. Ooh, The Pretenders with "Brass in Pocket"!!! I love this! My highlight of this horrible show. Says it all really. I'll boogie along to this for a bit.

00:36 We're ending how we began, with Kasabian. I shan't comment on the song, it will just be the same as all of their others. So instead, it's the end of this live-blog, and it's the end of the series. I would like to thank Merciless Public, for a) staying up with me throughout this madness, and going off and researching things when I bark at him over MSN, and b) for stepping into the breach 2 weeks ago when I was ill.

What have we learnt from all this madness? Well, no-one can argue that the show isn't diverse - every week, Jools wheels out bands/artists to satisfy all tastes. He could do with sharpening up his interviewing, some of his questions are ghastly. But overall, it's not a bad show. I love the studio they're in, I love the celeb spotting in the audience (Merciless Public tells me David Blunkett and dog are there tonight, but I missed him. Honestly, I'm as blind as a Blunkett) and I enjoy Jools - if nothing else, he's enthusiastic. Next series starts in September. 

Time for me to read through this, spell check, add labels, and wish you a goodnight, and a good weekend!

00:47 Turns out Merciless Public was lying about David Blunkett being there. I take back all the thanks. Next series, I'll get The Plashing Vole to step into the breach if needed.

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  1. I'm not exactly sure that I'm pleased with being compared to Jools during one of his terrible interviews.