Wednesday, 27 May 2009

This is the one

I feel so sick with nerves, and it's only 17:42. This is it, the big one, the grande finale.

Was rather hoping those two pics would go side by side, but never mind. If you want some light reading ahead of the game, here's a few links:

Possibly my 2nd favourite United goal ever, that one, scored by possibly my favourite United player ever.

And so, to tonight. My opinion hasn't really changed since I blogged about the game a few weeks ago. I fancy us to score, at least once. Vidic and Ferdinand will be a strong threat from corners, and if they play Puyol and Sylvinho, that's a definite weakness. I think we'll surrender the majority of possession, and just make sure that Barcelona always play in front of us. Xavi and Iniesta, two wonderful players, can pass the ball around as much as they like, providing they don't play in Eto'o or Henry in behind. And as for the little maestro, Messi - we have to stop the cross field ball that Barca play. If you look at some of their goals from previous CL games, it's a ball across to Messi on the right, who cuts inside onto his left foot and causes mayhem. If Evra has an outstanding game, he can combat Barca's main attacking threat. Team I would pick:

   van der Sar
O'Shea  Rio Vidic Evra
Carrick Anderson Park
Ronaldo Rooney Tevez

I have nothing left to say. For Sir Matt.

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