Sunday, 24 May 2009

Roland Garros Update

A couple of weeks ago The Plashing Vole pointed out to me that I was making a few too many references to the lady you can see in my picture at the top of this 'ere blog. I believe his exact words were "I think we are all well aware of your Ana obsession."

I realised with a jolt of guilt that he was right, and so since then I've tried to not mention her name. Now that Roland Garros has started, I won't change that. All I'll say is this: I woke up bleary eyed at 9:30am today as 'Everybody's favourite Serbian female tennis player' was the first match on, her right as defending champion. I made myself an excellent cup of tea and a crumpet and settled down in my favourite chair to watch 'Everybody's favourite Serbian female tennis player' play. 
Despite struggling in the 1st set, 'Everybody's favourite Serbian female tennis player' won it on a tie-break, than played better to win the 2nd set 6-3, and thus navigate through the first round safely. I don't think 'Everybody's favourite Serbian female tennis player' will win the tournament - she's coming off the back of a knee injury, and is not in good enough form. But, so far so good. C'mon 'Everybody's favourite Serbian female tennis player'!

PS. If any of you were wondering what happened to live-blogging Jools Holland on Friday night - he wasn't on! It was golf highlights instead. Disgraceful. 

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  1. I imagine that most Jools fans are equally happy with golf. I'm glad the object of your affection is doing well - I was only teasing you. She's my favourite female Serbian tennis player too, though only because I'm unaware of, and uninterested in, any other female Serbian tennis players…