Sunday, 31 May 2009

Roland Garros Update #4

See that picture up at the top there? That photo won't be taken this year, instead it will probably be Marat Safin's sister, Dinara Safina, clutching the trophy.

'Everybody's favourite Serbian female tennis player' has crashed out of the French Open, losing 6-2, 6-3 to 9th seed Victoria Azarenka. I didn't get to watch the match, as BBC Red Button decided to show Rafael Nadal's match instead (why bother? Not like he'll lose at Roland Garros. He definitely won't lose to Robin Soderling, ffs).

For more details about the match, some propaganda, and a rather interesting photo, go here:

I'm disappointed, as that will mean no 'Everybody's favourite Serbian female tennis player' on TV now until Wimbledon. However, sensing my despondancy, Merciless Public has come to the rescue. Thanks for linking me to this, boyo:

Not much more to say. I think Federer and Safina will be the favourites for the trophies now, but my interest in the tournament has ended. Roll on Wimbledon.

EDIT - I'm a bit worried about Ana, actually. She mentions in her post-match press conference about her feeling dizzy, and maybe that's all it is, a bit of sickness. But in this video look at her between 2:26-2:32 - I've never seen her like that before. And in that press conference, she looked really, really dreadful :

That's either a) poor health, b) hasn't slept for a while, c) has the weight of the world on her shoulders or d) all of the above.

Whatever it is, it's a billion miles away from this. Get well soon Ana!

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