Friday, 10 April 2009

Premier League Predictions

No mucking about, let's just do this shit. Last week, I got 5 results right with 1 perfect score. Mark "Lawro" Lawrenson got 4 results right with 1 perfect score. Huzzah! I win the round, halving Lawro's lead to 2-1. Let's go round again...

Liverpool vs Blackburn - Sadly I can't see anything other than a home win here. Scousers will be looking to recover from the game against Chelsea and they'll win this. 3-0

Chelsea vs Bolton - Another easy home win. 2-0

Middlesbrough vs Hull - Boro have to win this game, or they're gone. I can see them getting a dramatic late goal, and winning it, 2-1

Portsmouth vs West Brom - Not much interest in this one, two poor teams. Home win again, I think. 1-0

Sunderland vs United - Our defending recently has been pathetic, and woeful. Sunderland are a poor side, going backwards...ooh, it will be close, but 1-2

Tottenham vs West Ham - Again, no real interest in this one, both teams are cruising to the end of the season now. 1-1

Wigan vs Arsenal - Arsenal finding a bit of form, and the game midweek was a very good result. Wigan are another team who have given up for the season. 0-2

Stoke vs Newcastle - Alan Shearer couldn't galvanise his troops enough to get a result against Chelsea, and this game is another tricky one for him. We all know the thuggery that passes for football at the Britannia Stadium, and I think Stoke will bully Newcastle here. 1-0

Aston Villa vs Everton - The previous game between these two was fantastic, a 3-2 rollercoaster. Two good teams, both should be in Europe next season. 1-1

Man City vs Fulham - I cannot believe this is the Sunday 4pm game, it has no interest for the neutral whatsoever. City will win it. 3-1

I've just looked at Lawro's predictions, and blimey, they are very similar to mine. Would just like to point out I don't look at his thoughts before I do my predictions, and I certainly don't copy him. I'm trying to beat him, remember.

The Rise and Rise of Tim Lovejoy will be taking a short break now over the Easter weekend. Enjoy yourself folks, and remember, violence is not the answer.

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  1. I'll rise above your anti-Stoke jibes because the footage proves that we played lovely football. Shame really, because if we had played 'thuggishly', we'd have won rather than drawn.