Thursday, 9 April 2009

Truly, Genuinely Shocking

When I woke up this morning I did what I usually do. I fired up my computer to check my e-mail and peruse the news and sport. Between the months of April-September, I always go onto, and go through last night's baseball action. This morning, I was looking at this:

I had never heard of Nick Adenhart before, so I went to my Baseball Prospectus book, as I am oft to do, to look him up and see what they thought about him.

Just been to again tonight, to check up on the live baseball, and saw this:

The fact he pitched last night is irrelevant, I suppose, because accidents can happen at anytime. It just made the news even more shocking for me, particularly having just learnt about him this morning. That's left me reeling, and is an awful reminder that life is sometimes far too short. My thoughts go to Nick Adenhart's family, and the LA Angels.

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