Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The second that time stood still

I wanted to post this nearer to Thursday, but as I have nothing else to blog about and other stuff to go and do in a bit, I'll do it now.

Thursday sees the start of my favourite golf tournament, the Masters. I relish every second of it, and am always left in awe at the Augusta course itself, which is just breathtaking. If you're looking at me to give you some betting advice, forget it. I'm having a dabble on Mickelson for the win and McIlroy to be Top European, but no doubt You-Know-Who will win.

Which leads me onto this, which is without doubt one of the best sporting moments I have ever been fortunate enough to witness. On this video, it's the US commentary, so naturally the hyperbole is stoked up a million times more than anything Peter Alliss could manage:


I think I could watch that every day, and I'll never forget watching it live.
Let's not re-write history here though - Woods went onto bogey 17 and 18 and had to beat DiMarco (who played wonderfully the whole tournament) in a play-off. But at that moment, on the 16th green, it felt like time had stood still for one perfect, fleeting second.

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