Monday, 13 April 2009

Ooh, he looks just like...

Had a good Easter? Excellent. Put down the chocolate, you fatty, and read my latest blog entry. When you've finished reading, by all means, finish eating.

There's a craze at the moment of people who look vaguely like celebrities whoring themselves out to weddings/bar mitzvahs/birthdays for money, presumably thinking they add something to the experience. I say "that's retarded" and thankfully so do the people on a forum I was reading the other day, highlighting awful, terrible lookalikes. I'm going to post a few here, and I actively encourage you to leave me a comment with your guesses as to who these people are supposed to be. I tell you what - if you don't cheat, and you all play fairly, there will be a prize for the winner. So why don't you play along!

Whether you follow my blog or not, whether you're a regular visitor or not, whether you're from the UK or not - HAVE A GO! WINNER GETS A PRIZE! And no cheating, because you'll just be cheating yourselves...
UPDATE - Readers have already begun to send in their guesses. Thanks very much. If you want to guess, just post a comment. Don't be misled by the "0 comments" bit, as I'm not publishing the comments yet as other people may copy answers! I'll reveal all comments, and the answers, in a few days time. Give it a go, and win a prize...


  1. 1) a disgraceful - if that's possible - Jodie Marsh
    2) Angelina Jolie
    3) Jose Mourinho
    4) Tiger Woods
    5) Shot in the dark...Rik Mayall
    6) John from up the road?

  2. Those are some pretty awful lookalikes, especially the third one but here's my guesses:
    2) Angelina Jolie
    3) Jose Mourinho (really wouldn't know this if it weren;t for the suit and scarf)
    4) Tiger Woods

    I'm sure someone has got more, but it was worth a try!

    -Rich Bergman

  3. Number 1 is clearly meant to be Britney Spears.
    Number 2 would look like Angelina Jolie if it wasn't for her hair, face, body and overall appearance.
    All I can think of for 3 is Alan Hansen (he probably just does the voice, at which point it becomes more apparent.
    4 wants to be either Reggie Yates, Tiger Woods or Pharrell (and probably doesn't mind which, as long as he doesn't have to be himself any longer)
    5 stumped me for a bit. First thought was Shockeye o' the Franzine Grig (from classic 1985 Doctor Who shitfest 'The Two Doctors'), then the rosette led me to Charles Kennedy, then I clubbed myself upside the head and landed on Alistair Campbell. Not a pleasant place to land...
    6 is obviously Leonard Rossiter, without a shadow of a doubt. Probably.

  4. Sam Janus
    Angellina Jolie
    Jose Mourhinio
    Tiger Woods
    Tony Blair
    Kevin Spacey

  5. OKKKKKKK!!!!! Let's go for.... Number 1: Paris Hilton. Number 2: Angelina Jolie. Number 3: Jose Mourinho. Number 4: Lewis Hamilton. Number 5: errrrr Tony Blair? Number 6: Dunno.David Cameron?

  6. Ok, the top one's coat/dress is a lookalike of a Cheryl Cole one but not sure about the actual person (do i get half a point).

    Next one I would say was supposed to be Angelina Jolie/Tombraider woman simply because she has quite big lips (though equally she could be Lesley Ash between operations but there probably isn't much of market for that.)

    Number three: unless it is a red herring I am quietly confident it is supposed to be Mourinho on the basis that the sort of person who would want a Mourinho impersonator at their wedding would be the sort of person who would also think a scarf/suit combination was a painfully accurate imitation of his famous cosmopolitan style.

    I thought the fourth one was possibly celebrity prisoner and part-time rapper Asher D but I am going to have to go with my second guess of 'that bloke in America who was sitting on top of buildings and taking pot shots of people at petrol stations a couple of years ago'

    Number Five is a laughably bad Neil Kinnock though potentially he may have looked like Kinnock twenty years ago when any resemblence to him may have been a more lucrative opportunity than it is today.

    Lastly I will say number six is a lookalike of 'some bloke in a working men's club' Now I know that very few people would hire someone who looked like 'some bloke in a working men's club' but I still think he would get more business than a fake Neil Kinnock.