Friday, 17 April 2009


Apologies for this, my 4th post today. I promise this will be the final posting until Monday. However, whilst I was lounging around playing my PSP, my thoughts wandered and I realised that I had forgotten my main promise when I started this blog - that if you followed me, and you have a blog, I will advertise it for you in my own little way, free of charge. So, without any further ado:

Some readers will know this blog perfectly well already, but for those of you who don't, his name is Ben, and I'm assuming he's cynical. He's also friends with a Vole, and seems a class guy. My friend Merciless Public, via 'twitter', said thus about him:

"but that cynical Ben guy is top class. See his comments on Vole's blog?"

So if you don't want to take my word for it, take Merciless Public's. Phew! Glad I remembered that. Now to continue beating the crap out of the Kansas City Royals, baseball's equivalent of West Bromwich Albion.


  1. Are you trying to rile me with your "who cares?" and the above comment? I bloody care. They're my team, my boys, my relegation battlers. This is why we're no good because of the injustice of it all, because we're not a city and you're only allowed in the Prem if you're a borough within the vacinity of London.
    Too much football snobbery.
    Rant over, nice advertising by the way - both for me and Cynical Ben.
    And yes I did say that because I'm a massive brown-noser. Reading it back however it sounds like the prose of an over-zealous chav.

  2. As a Walsall fan I am someone who supports a team who are not even good enough to have a local rival (who would we have? Hednesford Town? Pelsall Villa? I've read we are supposed to have a rivalry with Wolves but methinks the lady does protest too much there as we are literally not in the same league as they are). I therefore have a little love for all the midlands teams and cannot condone this baggies bashing. This must be the worst time to support Albion - relegation, Wolves and probably Birmingham going up. These people need our support not our jokes. Always remember merciless public, it could be worse, you could be a Walsall fan. I could move to the moon for six years and when I got back I would know where Walsall would be - mid-table in a lower league.

    Oh and cheers for the plug Ewarwoowar.