Friday, 17 April 2009

This Morning with Richard not Judy

Fellow fans of Stewart Lee will recognise the entry title.

Since becoming a university bum, "This Morning" has swfitly developed into one of my favourite programmes. It's light, easy to watch, flits about a bit and is always awfully cheerful. Apart from when Kerry Katona made her infamous appearance, of course.

Anyway, the big question is, who's going to take over from Fern?! This is a burning issue for me at the moment, and I hope the people involved make the right choice. Ideas I have read about the person taking over include:

Myleene Klass, Emma Forbes, Peaches Geldof(?!), Ruth Langsford, Fiona Phillips, Allison Hammond, Carol McGiffin, Kate Garraway, Zoe Salmon and many others.

My choice however would be the "favourite" for the job, Christine Bleakley. This may be because I fancy her like crazy.

Anyway, who do my dear readers want/think should take over this poisoned chalice?!


  1. Myleene Klass - I might watch it more
    Emma Forbes - Isn't she the one who did Live & Kicking? Christ, that's a bit nostalgic. L&K didn't have a wonkey donkey competition, so, no.
    Peaches Geldof - I wouldn't urinate on her if she was on fire, honestly.
    Fiona Phillips - worked for GMTV, has no soul...would fit in perfectly.
    Allison Hammond - PLEASE NOOO!
    Carol McGiffin - PLEASE NOOO! Does the woman have any teeth? Does she talk of anything of interest? I think no to both of those.
    Kate Garraway - worked for GMTV, has no soul...would fit right in. Except, my Mom insists on putting the tele on 4:3 expand (basically wider than widescreen) and Garraway has massive hair that would offend my eyes. Her husband may also have knocked her chances.
    Zoe Salmon - sure she's a pretty and she's the kind of girl I'd urinate on in the even of a fire but then she'd have to thank me in that annoying bloody accent. No, ta.
    Christine Bleakley - would be a welcome addition to my morning schedule but she's meant to be with Chiles and only bloody Chiles, not Schofield.

    So who do I want to get the job? To be honest, I'd completely prefer the show to be axed. I just thought I'd take the time to rip into a few people.