Saturday, 14 March 2009

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

The stat-porn for my site has proved very interesting reading so far, even at this early stage of my blog's life. So, whether you live in Cardiff, Reading, Rowley Regis, Albrighton or any other marvellous place, thanks for stopping by. I doubt you've learnt anything, except maybe what Samuel Pepys got upto with his wife's servant. Still, I'm enjoying it, and hopefully so are you crazy kids.

It's the weekend now, so I'll be putting my pen down and will re-start blogging on Monday. I have been asking people what they think I should blog about next. Suggestions have included the whole sordid Jade Goody affair, the impact on test match cricket in the aftermath of Lahore, even about Sir Fred and his infamous pension.

So stay tuned on Monday, when I ignore those heavyweight topics and ramble on about a hot girl I saw on a train or something.

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