Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hello Alex C!

Huge props to my pal Alex C, whose blog you can find on the right of this screen (A Room With A Mug).

Less props to Alex C for blogging about something I was due to blog about in the next few days (the joy and beauty of Baseball Prospectus 2009 being delivered).

By the way, if you haven't discovered the beauty of baseball, and wish to, here is a handy link for the basics

That page also has a picture of Ugueth Urbina on it, which amuses me greatly:

UPDATE : Alex C has commented on my time stamp being wrong. I wished to reply but it's being ghey and not letting me comment. So, Alex C, yes, but you know damn well I won't know how to do that. Many thanks for starting your comment with "Sir" though, reminds me of the letters to The Times. From now on, dear readers, comments starting with "Sir" will be favourably looked upon.

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