Friday, 13 March 2009


I have a test today about 17th Century literature. On the first test I did about lit. from the middle ages I got 19/20, which amusingly has made me even more nervous about today's test, just because I've increased the pressure on myself. I'll let you, my dear readers, know the results later on.

I'll also be doing Premier League predictions later on, which I'll probably do every Friday afternoon, because I'm sad like that. If I tip your side to lose, sorry, it's nothing personal. Unless you support Liverpool, City, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Stoke or Bolton in which case, it is.


  1. You may find that tipping Stoke to lose may have a material affect on your own performance this afternoon, given that at least one of those recording the marks is a Stoke fan. Remember the words of Stalin: it doesn't matter who votes. What's important is who counts the votes…

  2. West Brom killed, West Ham sentenced.