Friday, 24 July 2009

In 6 months time...

...I'll hopefully be able to look back at this and smile. Apologies for the self-indulgence, but this post is probably more for myself than for anyone else. I've pondered doing this post for a few months now, but I wasn't ready. Now though, I feel like I am.

Saturday 21st February 2009 was going like most other Saturdays. United game on television, argument with my mother, artery-clogging fast food for dinner (pizza, that night). When we realised that our loft was on fire, however, things changed. Everything seemed to happen so, so quickly. I won't go into detail about that night, and the weeks after, as it's personal stuff and still a bit raw. However it's time I gave some shout-outs.

Thankyou to Merciless Public (Dan) and Pyschedelic Puritan (Shaun) for their kind words at the time - I still have your messages saved guys. Thankyou to my friend Ivan, not just for his support, but for being at home and near a computer that night. They won't read this, but thankyou to the firemen (and woman), police officers, ambulance staff and trauma team (thankfully not needed) for getting to the house so quickly. Firemen are just too damn brave. Much respect to all of you guys.

Thankyou to Jackie, the greatest personal tutor anyone could ever have, for her speediness and concern. My English lecturer Frank showed what a genuine class act he is with his prompt e-mail, and his touch of humour brought a smile to my face at a tough time. Thanks also to another English lecturer, Debbie, for her understanding and assistance. I'd like to thank the lady at Dialstone Library in Stockport for her help, even though I wasn't a member there and technically I wasn't allowed to use the computers.

We go up to the house every day, to pick up the mail and see what's going on. Yesterday I finally took the plunge of taking some photos, a mere 5 months after the fire. I'm going to post some now, not because I take any pride in them, but because hopefully in six months time I'll be sitting in our house, our fully repaired and revamped house, and looking back on these will make me so grateful that it's all over. Here's hoping.

1) What greets you as you enter the porch. Eagle-eyed amonst you will spot the reflection of me in my United shirt.
2) Lounge.
3) My bedroom. Where the white Dulux tin is would be where my TV was. Laptop would be to the left, my chair being where that metal step is. That shelf you can see is the first of 3, and that one housed my sports autobiographies.
4) Our "lawn" at the back. The whole garden is completely wild now, the grass above ankles when walking. Lotta work to do on that when we move back in.
5) Brother's bedroom.
6) Dining room, and a bit of my thumb.

Now do me a favour. If you're at home, go and check your smoke alarms, please. We didn't have one in the loft anyway, but the fire made me realise that no matter how many times I watched that advert with Julie Walters in, I never did a damn thing about checking they work. I also realised that you never think it will happen to you...until it does.

I don't usually post over the weekend, and this weekend will be no different. I'm off to my homeland, Sussexshire, for a family BBQ. Catch you guys on Monday sometime.

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