Monday, 20 July 2009

The joys of Myface

Living in Telford, I'm well aware of the number of braindead, vacant, soulless chavtastic idiots that there are in this country. Everytime I watch the Jeremy Kyle show, I find myself sighing and wondering what our fine country is coming to, at a time when unprotected sex is cool, intelligence isn't, and having a baby is the new fashion accessory, no matter how old you are.

A common ground for these pillocks are social networking sites, such as Myspace or the more fashionable Facebook. I'm about to show you some pictures (these are not my Facebook friends btw, I've nicked these pics from a forum), and whilst you look at these pictures, just take a moment to think about our country. Take a moment to wonder what happened to spelling. To grammar. To our fine and beautiful language. To intelligence. Take a moment to consider life, in 2009, in Great Britain.

That's just a brief selection, there's literally hundreds more. Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls - Great Britain in 2009. As I said to my friend the other day - at the first available moment, I am out of here, and you won't see me for dust.


  1. Fantastic. You've performed a valuable public service. Private Eye has a column satirising these fora - uncannily similar to these.

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  3. I totally agree with you. I’m also sick of the glorification of ignorance. Language change is a constant factor, but it would be devastating the English language is eventually reduced to this abbreviated text-speak, with ubiquitous high rise terminals.

  4. btw i lkd the one abt the bad kidneys