Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Mixed Bag #3

A few loose ends to tie up, so let's shove them all into one post.

1) If you're reading this because I've just started following your blog, and you have no idea who I am, than welcome! A short biography of me is available to your right - I'll leave you to ponder which bits are true. I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting blogs, whatever they may be. I hope you enjoy reading mine in return.

2) I can't decide whether I'm on the verge of "the flu" or not. At the moment, I have a sore throat and a runny nose, so it could just be a cold. If it is the flu of the swine, I have given my funeral requirements to Merciless Public, and if he does not obey them than I will haunt him forever. "All very depressing" you might be thinking, but we both listen to The Smiths, we enjoy misery.

3) Hello and welcome to my new follower Sue! Please go and visit Sue's blog which you can find here: http://smjl123.blogspot.com/ Sue is a fellow student, and on her blog takes news stories and puts her own unique and interesting opinion on them. Most people reading this will already be familiar with her work, but for those who aren't - it's a blog worth following.

4) Some great sport this weekend. The Open was a funny old thing - it was one putt away from being the greatest ever, but in the end turned out to be an anti-climax. Congratulations to Stewart Cink, but The Open 2009 will forever be Tom Watson's Open. The cricket is going well, although if Freddie and KP are injured than I don't fancy England's chances of hanging on to the series lead. You have to expect Mitchell Johnson to start bowling like a professional cricketer at some point as well.

5) I have the theme tune to "Tales of the Unexpected" stuck in my head. This is annoying because a) it is annoying and b) I always hated that series. Peter Cook once called it "Tales of the wholly predictable" and he was right - once you know the twist is coming, the twist loses it's impact. The one where the police eat the evidence was quite smart though, I'll give them that.

6) There's still time left to sign up to the Fantasy Football league that myself and Merciless are running. I know a number of you who are reading this have signed up - thanks for that! If you are interested, just get in touch, I'll send you the code. Free to play. And if any of your friends are interested, tell them to drop us a line. You don't have to support a Premier League team to play - we have someone who supports Walsall, and a couple who support West Brom. I was going to make a lame WBA joke there but I can't be bothered.

7) Erm, yeah...so that's about it. I might carry on my series of holiday posts later, this time dealing with Connecticut. Or I might just go to bed with a nice magazine. Mmm, bed.

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  1. Hi Ewarwoowar,
    I enjoy reading your blog too.
    Many thanks for your kind comments.