Monday, 23 March 2009

Mixed Bag

I'm annoyed to bump my apology to Laraine and Owain off the "top spot" on my blog, but blogging must go on! I do hope they read it. Anyway, this post will be a bit of a mixed bag, lots of stuff to ramble about/ponder.

Firstly, Premier League Predictions re-visited. I got 5 correct results, but 0 perfect scores. It is improvement, my friends. As for the weekend itself, we were humiliated, Scousers and Arsenal won, and it looks like the anti-football mobs of Bolton and Stoke (hides from Plashing Vole) are staying up. Hold me.

Secondly, I got all giddy when I looked at the stat-porn last night and found out that I had my first visitor from abroad! And not just any old place, no, only the fricking United Arab Emirates!
Sadly, about a nanosecond later the realisation hit me that it is not a curious Arab stranger, who stumbled upon this blog due to his love for Tim Lovejoy. No, it must be my old friend Joe, who is currently living out there, the lucky sod. Hope you and the team are doing great buddy.

Thirdly, it would be several shades of awesomeness if the IPL was to be played over here. I think it's a real shame that India cannot hold it, but nevertheless we should definitely strive to host it. And for that matter, if the security is good enough, how about Pakistan test matches as well?

Fourthly, there is no fourthly.

Finally, I have a new follower, and I'm excited to announce I don't know who he is! It's clearly someone from my English Lit. group, but as their profile tells me this person is 20, and they unfortunately suffer from tinnitus, it's not Shaun or Neil. intriguing. A sad reflection on my part that I don't actually know anyone else on the module.
Anyway, welcome aboard 'Demented Demon'! As a way of thanking you for following me, I'll be linking to your blog around about now:

Go and read it people! Here is a chap with interesting, purposeful things to say. In the meantime, I'll carry on linking to Super Mario games or talking about cricket.

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