Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Eurgh - My goodness, I feel utterly dreadful. My throat is constantly dry and rather sore, my head is pounding, my whole body feels stiff and aching and I don't feel too confident re. my stomach either. These symptoms started on Sunday night, and meant I missed meeting Catherine O'Flynn, which I am so fucked off about it's beyond belief. My friend Merciless Public then blogging about how great it all was didn't help either, the lucky git.

I have an essay to write for Thursday, and a reading quiz to prepare for on Friday. Eurgh. I'll struggle through, moaning and groaning throughout. This will be my only post today, which is annoying considering I was going to blog about Curt Schilling and Bret "The Hitman" Hart, although not in the same post, obviously. Let me go and curl up somewhere warm and perish.

Hooray! - No, I'm not feeling any better. But the stat-porn this morning makes for interesting viewing. After the false dawn of the UAE visitor, I finally have my first foreign readers! Two visitors from Belgium towns rather close to each other. Welcome! I wonder if it was you who found my blog by typing "Tim Lovejoy is a dick" into google.

I also have another follower, so welcome, "Natural Blues". I don't know you personally, but I recognise you from the picture you have posted in your 'Poor Mum' post. I think you are in my How English Works module, right? As is now custom here at 'The Rise and Rise...' here is some free publicity for your blog, as thanks for following me:


Go and read/comment/follow/enjoy folks, another young person with a marvellous blog.

In the meantime, I'm going to read some cricket magazines in bed, before shouting at The Jeremy Kyle Show.

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