Friday, 21 August 2009

Why so serious?

Just got home to find someone has left me a comment, anonymously. You can see it if you click on the comments section underneath my last blog entry. But if you can't be bothered to do that, here it is:

>>However, saying "nothing to do with us Guv" is not a
>> good argument - it is stupid, ignorant, small-minded
>> and not at all helpful.

And where is it writ that all letters expressing a view should be helpful? And helpful to whom, precisely? Perhaps the very same self-selecting, self-satisfied, juvenile bunch of nu-lab brown nosing sycophants who congregate here, engaging in mutual back-slapping, congratulating each other on their ability to spout the same old same old.

Tim, this endless smart-Alec criticism, the ad hominem attacks, just expose you for the shallow non-thinker you really are. It has got to stop. At least these people in the Shropshire Star are having a go making an attempt to articulate their world view. And you and your clique seek to silence them for not being "helpful". Shame on you!

Well. From here on, I'm watching you. Show a little more respect to the Shropshire Star letter writers. That's an order.

Wow, okay. Errm, right. Well first of all, thankyou, person from Manchester, for your comment. Let's have a look at it in more detail. Your comments in bold, my responses...oh, I guess you know all this already.

And where is it writ that all letters expressing a view should be helpful?

I believe that a letter into a paper, ABOUT THE AFGHANISTAN WAR, should be helpful, in the sense that it should be a point that has been missed in the (lengthy) debate so far. This is not helpful, in this particular context. "But Ewar, he's just airing his view, it's his right!". Yes, my friend, it is. But it's also my right to say what I think about it. It's called free speech. It's called democracy. It's something that I hold dearly, and you should as well. That's why I published your comment, and am now highlighting it - I don't agree with what you say, but I'll die fighting on your behalf to get it aired.

Tim, this endless Smart-Alec criticism, the ad hominem attacks, just expose you for the shallow non-thinker you really are.

How dare you. Seriously. HOW DARE YOU describe Tim Lovejoy as "shallow" and a "non-thinker". I'm not having that. Criticise me all you want, not him. I am Ewarwoowar, for your information. I am half-man, half-badger. Considering how badly bullied I've been throughout my life - people taunting me for my badger like appearance - it is a wonder I can think at all.

It has got to stop.

No, you see, it doesn't. Goodness, I can't believe I'm having to say this yet again. I read the letters page of the Slop with a smile. I critique the letters on here whilst chuckling and trying to think up funny things/jokes that might make my band of readers, or indeed anyone else, at least smile. I certainly don't get angry, and I certainly don't stab my fingers on the keyboard, raging and shouting SCREW YOU SLARK! whilst doing all this.

Quite simply, it's just a bit of fun. If you don't like what I'm doing - that's cool. Now please stop reading. These aren't personal attacks, on anyone - I've never met these people, probably never will. I'm sure they are pleasant people. I just don't agree with them. Yes, I'm sarcastic, I'm a bit callous, I'm smart-alecy, maybe sometimes I'm a bit rude. But it's not heartfelt. Just have a laugh, yeah?

And you and your clique seek to silence them...

What clique? I have a few regular readers, but they're hardly sending me letters and egging me on. I actually resent the idea I have a clique without me knowing it, actually. Hmm, perhaps I should get a clique.

Well. From here on in, I'm watching you.

Oh, for goodness sake. Seriously? Really?

Show a little more respect to the Shropshire Star letter writers.

It depends though, doesn't it? If I pick up the paper tonight, and there is a letter in there, and it says this:


then I cannot respect that. Sorry. "But Ewar, that is a silly, extreme example!" Yes, it is, I know. But the point here is that I don't HAVE to agree with every letter sent in, and I don't have to RESPECT every letter that's sent in. Once again, that is my democratic right. Good that, innit?
And if I want to make jokes about a letter sent in, why shouldn't I? You can take the piss out of my blog entries, if you want. Actually, please do that! Write a regular letter into The Slop criticising my blog - I would love that.

That's an order.

Seriously? Oh goodness, please chill out, yes? If you don't like what I write - stop visiting my blog, and go and enjoy life. PLEASE. I ask of you that because I'm worried about you. Hatred and bitterness never solved anything, and it never will. Chill out and enjoy life, okay?

I look forward to your response, and you leaving a name next time.


Tim Lovejoy


  1. I had someone post something nasty on my blog in the early days with a link to their anti-Europe website. I fought hate with love and they just went away.

    Personally I don't mind being accused of being in a clique even if it isn't actually true. I do however take offense at being labelled as new labour. That is below the belt my anonymous citizen.

    Oh Ewarwoowar. You have certainly opened a bucket of worms here haven't you. Now call me presumptuous if you like but I imagine anyone who writes into a local newspaper to discuss national issues is a fool anyway. Perhaps you should leave them to their letter writing and move onto bigger fish. Have you seen the letters in the Metro? Wow! Now they are loons. Maybe you should start on them instead? If you are going to be harassed for your art, you may as well paint it on a big canvas.

  2. Can you add 'make articulate' to your list of objections? They certainly don't articulate anything very well, except their failure to take their medication.

    Keep doing this stuff. There's a book in it if you really fancy having some fun!