Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Final Word

It looks like the replies from the celebs to our "Marmite or Bovril" teaser have finally dried up, so instead of updating the previous post with the rest of the responses (I've edited my last post now accordingly), I thought I would collate our findings here and then wrap all of this nonsense up with a nice little bow on top. So, without further ado, here are some celebrities, declaring whether they prefer Bovril or Marmite (or vegemite):

Alexander Armstrong - "oh it's probably bovril but we don't usually have any in the house so I make do with marmite"

Andi Peters - "Marmite for me."

Angellica Bell - "my friend it has to be MARMITE over bovril all the way!"

Caitlin Moran - "absofuckinglutely Marmite, my friend"

Chris Addison - "The answer is Yes! I do!"

Dave Gorman - "Marmite. Obviously."

Dawn Porter - "marmite. Bovril manufacturers should be locked up!"

Francesca Sandford - "marmite till I die!! marmite till I die!!"

Jonathan Ross - "Marmite for sandwiches and toast, bovril to drink."

Katherine Jenkins - "Neither really! If I had to say one it would be Bovril x"

(You can see quite clearly at the end there that Katherine Jenkins sent me a kiss. I think that conclusively proves that this has not been one massive, pathetic waste of time.)

Krishnan Guru-Murphy - "marmite"

Miranda Hart - "Bovril over Marmite every time."

Mitch Benn - "Marmite, cos it gives me an excuse to eat toast, & I love toast. Regard it as more a butter delivery system than anything else"

Peter Serafinowicz - "I don't really like either of them. Plese both send me £20."

Phil Tufnell - "marmite all day long."

Sam Matterface - "marmite everytime! I hate bovril"

Sarah Cawood - "bovril to drink, marmite to spread!!"

Simon Mayo - "obviously, Marmite is sooooo much better. Does that help?"

Suzi Perry - "marmite but love both"

Tim Minchin - "marmite, if i must choose. vegemite is obviously the preferred option."

And finally, our very own Cynical Ben - "Marmite on toast. Bovril in a flask on a windswept mountain. Both sit happily in the pantheon of world's greatest foods."

So, there we have it. Even though I would choose Bovril, I have to accept that Marmite has stormed away with the victory. Congratulations Marmite. So, what has all this proved? Well, not a lot, except I've saved all the replies and it will raise a smile sometime in the future, and it just confirmed to me how much I love Twitter, where someone famous will gladly answer the most banal of questions.

They won't read this, but I wish to thank the 20 celebrities who took a moment to reply. All just a bit of fun, but I now look upon them favourably compared to others who couldn't be bothered. Yeah I'm looking at you, William Shatner. You and your cereal! Also much kudos to Kristen Bell, who got this madness underway. That's the end of the matter now, I promise!

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