Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Ewarwoowar's Day Off

I've blogged far too much over the past few days, so after this entry I'm going to take myself off away from the computer for the day and read - you know that lovely feeling when you have a great big pile of books to get through? Perfect for a rainy day outside.

I'm currently wading my way through another Steve McQueen biog, this is the 3rd I've read on him so far. After that it will be a book about football tactics (no, really), then Horace Panter's autobiog. Then, and only if I'm feeling brave, I might try Catch-22 again. I tried reading it when I was 18, and got so bogged down I abandoned it after only about 30 pages. Everyone I've spoken to though says it's well worth sticking with it. We'll see.

Anyway, I have nothing of interest to say today. So here's some pics you may enjoy. Coming tomorrow...a brand new exciting thing!



EDIT - Amusingly once again most of them can't fit on this blog here. Click on one of these pics, that will take you to my photo album to see the others.

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