Friday, 28 August 2009

A boring long holiday post #4

Golly, I've neglected this. But now that I've started, I may as well inch towards the finish line. So, where were we? Literally? Ah, okay. Just leaving NYC, driving upto Connecticut. I remember it well!

Ivan and I had already booked tickets to go and see some baseball in Boston, so when we left NYC we knew we would be driving up the East coast. Thankfully the weather was brilliant - still warm, but not the stifling heat it had been for my first few days over there. Instead of zooming straight up to Boston, we decided to take it easy and stay the night in Connecticut, or as I liked to call it, Connect-i-cut. After a fuelling stop at the marvellous Applebees, we set off. I'll be honest, as it was a 'driving day', there's not too much excitement I can share with you, and all I can remember from the day was a massive hold-up entering Connecticut bang on rush hour.

So, let's neatly fast forward to the early evening, where we had a great example of how life has been made just a little easier by our gadget friends. When we left NYC, we hadn't booked a motel in advance, and obviously we needed somewhere to stay the night. So sitting in a restaurant car park Ivan fiddled about with his sat-nav,"Kylie" (I shan't be telling you why) until we had a list of motels in the area. We found the one nearest to us - phone number duly provided. Quick ring on his mobile, and we had a room for the night, directions to it neatly mapped out as well. Awesome, and that all took us about 2 minutes. We got out of the car and went to dinner.

Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale in Madison, CT came highly recommended from a book Ivan had that highlighted the best eateries in each state. You know how when you're in a restaurant, everyone else's meal looks more interesting than yours? I ordered the hot lobster rolls, which were outstanding, whereas Ivan went for the fish platter. This led to an interesting few moments where he looked at the rolls with envy, whereas I looked at his platter (not a euphemism) with a mixture of interest and jealously. For the record, their fried scallops are marvellous, the hot lobster rolls even better.

To say disaster struck the next morning would be an exaggeration, but it felt like it at the time. I woke up horribly, ridiculously and overwhelmingly homesick. I had never felt homesick before, nor since, and it wasn't very pleasant. There was no point in telling Ivan, I didn't think, so all I could do was just try and soak it up as best I could and see what Boston would bring, and see what Fenway Park would bring, as that was where we were going later that night...

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