Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tidy up! Put away! Ready for...another day!

Every so often I have a good spring clean of my internet. History deleted, temporary internet files wiped away (just to cover my pornography tracks), bookmarks organised, bookmarks deleted. I seem to have accumulated so much crap after seeing something and thinking "ooh, that could go on my blog" or "I could blog about that" and then I promptly forget about it. So, whilst decluttering, here's just a few random things I've seen, saved, and thought you might like:

Remember that post I did about idiots on Facebook? Since doing that, I've discovered who do it much better than I ever could.

Two great sporting stories for you here: and also Many congrats to Jim Rice for his Baseball HoF place he was awarded this year.

I demand you follow this blog immediately. Oh, and this one.

This brings me close to tears. This made me laugh. This makes me feel sick. (This one is rudey-pudey and NWS, be careful!)

And finally, I've been meaning to use this picture for ages, and ages, and ages, and ages. Massive thanks to Shaun for letting me post it on here. Respect your liver, folks!

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