Monday, 27 July 2009

Commence the waterworks!

I've just finished reading an interesting thread on a forum about scenes in TV programmes that make you feel sad/down/reflective/just generally had an impact on you in a non-funny way. Based on the weight of opinion, the clear winner was the ending of Blackadder Goes Forth. Yes, of course, but that's a bit too obvious. The other popular ones seem to be from Scrubs, but I just can't get on with that programme, I've never warmed to it.

So, what would I choose? Well, I've a couple of choices. The first is, in my opinion, an incredible scene for a TV programme that was so awfully lame. You know the theme tune to this, you know it was never funny, you know it was American trash. But this scene is powerful, and I think convinced people that Will Smith was more than just a comedic actor in a poor teen sitcom. Will's father, who he hasn't seen for 14 years, has once again let him down:

Next up is this, from September 20th, 2001. I'm not a fan of Jon Stewart, at all, but there's no acting here. The hurt and the pain of the days previous are all too apparent. This video is powerful even now, I think. It's the first 9 minutes of this video, and it's well worth it.


Finally, my main choice would have to be this. A fantastic end to a fantastic series. Apologies, this video is 10 minutes long, but worth watching to the end. The moment when Dawn walks back in was a bit predictable, but is handled brilliantly and becomes the stand-out memory from that final episode.

So, those would be my 3 choices, with the final few minutes of The Office being the stand-out one. But what TV scenes made a lasting impression on you, dear reader? Anything sad, reflective or gloomy welcome!


  1. Gotta be this ennit?

    Watch Part 5 too. If you're anything like me (sentimental, emotional and extraordinariy handsome) you'll be a wreck by the end of it. Unless you're a sadist.

  2. Watch my generations dreams die live on television in 1986 here