Saturday, 20 June 2009

This is just too good to forget about, Part 5

"So, are we done?"

"I think so, yeah....Oasis, Pulp, Foo Fighters and Shed Seven are the biggies...other acts...Beck, Super Furries, Queens of the Stone Age, Placebo...looks a pretty good line-up, I reckon!

"Great! Let's go and have a pint"

"Err, guys? Sorry, we still need one more."

"What? We not done?"

"No, erm, we still need one more act - nothing major, just something to fill about 10 minutes?"

"Erm, Christ, right, phoned Damon?"

"Blur aren't performing festivals at the moment."

"How about Morrissey? Bit of a blast from the past, he can do The Smiths classics..."

"Too expensive, and he'll want to headline. No, we just need a time-filler, someone who can step into the breach for literally 10-15 minutes."


"Guys - I think I have it!"


"Oh yes, oh hell yeah. Had a couple of hits...they're down with the kids...can interact with the crowd...bit of publicity lately...let me just make a few calls, and we should have them. Seriously, you guys can thank me later!"


  1. I was there and found this all a little unsettling. Daphne & Celeste were about a million times more punk than The Offspring whose tired, tired set passed without a single bottle being thrown.

    That's always been the main problem with the Reading Festival for me. Teenagers with closed minds. This bottle throwing was all but pre-arranged. Even more sad were the comments I heard shouted at Asian Dub Foundation. If you were wondering where those people who voted for Nick Griffin were in the summer of 2000. Well wonder no more.

  2. I wasn't there, but endorse Cynical's sentiments: there's nothing more conservative than a rock crowd. How I hope Daphne and Celeste are quaffing champagne and laughing in the comfort of their penthouses. They probably aren't though.