Tuesday, 16 June 2009

This sums it up nicely

I can't take credit for this, I'm afraid - read it on a football forum. But I like it so much, I'm stealing it. The final word on Ronnie - it's pretty damn accurate, providing you get the mental images out of your head :

"I know you're going to say it's just because I didn't like him but I just can't feel that bad about it.

For me, Ronaldo was the super fit, rich girl from the posh houses. She was only shagging me to annoy her dad. I knew eventually some flash fucker would turn up on a polo pony and whisk her away. But I didn't care because the other blokes were all jealous and I was shagging a super fit, rich girl.

I prefer the Rooney girl. She might be the girl next door but when she shags me she means it, and I can rely on her to always be there. If she ever moves out then I'll feel the way you do."


  1. Thats almost poetic. Red Cafe by any chance?

    What's Tevez then? The rich bitch's dildo?

  2. Man United Thread on F365 Forum.

    Tevez is the girl who you had a good, fun relationship with, but she's just been offered money to do a scholarship somewhere and she must leave and chase the pound...