Monday, 22 June 2009

100th Post Birthday Extravaganza!

I can hardly believe it folks, but this 'ere blog entry is my 100th, and like all good cricketers I intend to celebrate my ton. Since the 11th March 2009, I've had a wild and wacky blogging experience. I have:

  • Gained 11 followers
  • Had well over 1,000 visits
  • Live-blogged television programmes and sporting contests
  • Insulted a couple from Shifnal
  • Did a quiz (another one to come next month!)
  • Caused my sitemeter to go crazy, thanks to Twitter
  • Uploaded funny videos
  • Bored you all with my Premier League Predictions
  • Told you just how much of a pervert Samuel Pepys was
  • Bored you all with holiday talk
  • Bored you all with Ana Ivanovic talk
I don't really know if I've achieved anything, doing this blog. Although, my main achievement in life is knowing all the lyrics of Bran Van 3000's "Drinking in LA" so I've always been a failure. But, I'm still having fun. If I reach 100 followers, I might pack it in, but I'm a long way off that just yet.

I was wondering what special thing I could do to commemorate this wonderful moment in time, so I went back and looked at my very first blog post. There I seemed to just advertise other blogs, and that gave me an idea. A few weeks/months ago I recommended visiting a blog, then clicking on "New Blog" at the top and go wandering through the blogging world, finding random blogs that you would never have found otherwise. One night, I did that, and I found a blog so fantastic I e-mailed the owner, and followed it straight away. The blog tugged at my heartstrings, and being the sentimental, emotional wreck that I am, I can't resist sharing it with you good, good people. Having plugged other blogs in my 1st post, time to plug other blogs in my 100th post:

Go and visit, click on the archives and find the very first post, then have a browse through. I know you will, you're good like that. I certainly don't regret doing that, and for me the whole experience neatly encapsulates the wonder of blogging - I now think more about that soft dog in Denver than I do my own, even though I know neither the dog or the owner personally. I've never been to Denver, I probably never will. To me, that's what blogging is all about - simply sharing experiences with others, no matter where they are.

Here's to the next 100 posts!

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