Friday, 5 June 2009

Fame! I'm gonna live forever!

Okay, so maybe not world-wide fame, and I'm not exactly the next Susan Boyle. But check out the latest batch of questions on the "Ask Ana" section on the official website of 'Everybody's favourite Serbian female tennis player', and the woman I'm completely obsessed with.

In case you're wondering about the lameness of the question - it had to be something pretty boring to begin with - I doubt she would have answered any marriage proposals, or whether she's ever slept with Novak Djokovic (she definitely has). Being from the UK, and having been fed up with a thousand different people asking her what Roger Federer is like, I plumped for a question about Andy Murray. Her answer isn't particularly exciting - not surprising really considering myself and Merciless Public agreed that she is actually the most boring woman in the world.

Anyway, so, yes. There we go. And if there's anyone reading this who didn't know my real name (my name is not really Ewarwoowar, nor sadly The Sugarplum Fairy) then, yes, there you go. Although amusingly I sent the question in under Merciless Public's e-mail address, because I'm a crazy fucker like that. Merciless is outraged that I included a kiss, but I was merely being polite, and wonderfully European.

If you want to ask Ana a question yourself, give it a go! We can compare answers, and conclusively prove that she is the most boring woman in the world. Anyway, that's it for me for this weekend - I'm off to watch some baseball. See you back here on Monday! Maybe.

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  1. Congratulations.
    She may not be so boring: they have training in how to answer questions without ever saying anything interesting. The girl done good. She put in 110%.