Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New blogs ftw!

Say hello to a blog from my friend Rich:

I'll always be grateful to Rich - as well as being a great friend, he also single-handedly helped me through my adolescence days (when I was a complete dick) without punching me once. We should meet up again sometime soon man - especially as the last time we met was in such awful circumstances. By the way, I saw someone from Aber Uni on the TV today, talking about how urban birds chirp differently than countryside birds, or something. Glad to see you lot fill your time wisely!

Anyway, Rich seems like he's going to be focusing on politics a lot on his blog - an area I vowed to stay away from because I hate all of them. But I would imagine that would appeal to you, Voley, and you, Demented Demon, and you, Alex C....check it out!

1 comment:

  1. Good stuff. I'll check it out, even though he is at Aber (Bangor's minuscule rival).