Friday, 3 April 2009

Premier League Predictions

Last time (which feels like ages ago) I, Ewarwoowar, got 5 results right, and 0 perfect scores.
Mark "Lawro" Lawrenson got 5 results right, and 1 perfect score. The bastard.

So, 2-0 to Lawro, can I halve the deficit?

Blackburn vs Tottenham - I've given up trying to predict what Spurs are going to do. Beat Chelsea last time, but I think Blackburn will out-battle them. 1-0

Arsenal vs Man City - It's a shame for Mark Hughes that Robinho goes missing away from home. van Persie is out, I think, for Arsenal - that's a huge loss for them, but I think they'll win, 2-0

Bolton vs Middlesbrough - I wouldn't watch this match if you paid me. Turgid, scrappy, Kevin Davies to score. 1-0

Hull vs Portsmouth - Tricky one this, two poor sides. Pompey to nick a point. 1-1

Newcastle vs Chelsea - Wow. Just wow. This is impossible to predict. The crowd will be up for it, the players will be up for it.....oh, go on then, home win. 2-1

West Brom vs Stoke - I think WBA are down already, but this will be a close one. Home win, just. 1-0

West Ham vs Sunderland - I think West Ham are pretty much done for this season. They'll play out the games, and enjoy mid-table. 1-1

Fulham vs Liverpool - Fulham have beaten us, Arsenal and drawn against Chelsea at home, so hopefully they'll upset the last Big 4 team to go there this season. 1-1

Everton vs Wigan - Two half-decent teams. I think Everton, at Goodison, will just nick it though, 2-1

United vs Aston Villa - Eeek, not looking forward to this one. Vidic, Scholes, Rooney out, Tevez flying back from Argentina. We all know that Villa have choked it re. 4th place, but now that Arsenal are ahead of them, they may start playing again. Or they may just be knackered. Sheesh, this will be a frustrating draw. 1-1

Have a great weekend kids, and remember, if you can't be good - be somewhere else!


  1. You're spot on about the cricket women, but GOLF? And predicting a 1-0 home win for West Brom v. Stoke? When they'd only beaten the Potters once in 26 meetings, and in their current state? Wow.

  2. I know you're trying to wind me up today, Vole.
    What's wrong with golf? Nothing I enjoy more than a good walk spoiled.

    As for WBA vs Stoke, I was not aware of the stat you have quoted, I was mainly going on the fact that a) WBA have a better home record than away b) They pretty much had to win, whereas Stoke didn't and c) Before the game you hadn't won an away game all season.