Thursday, 2 April 2009


Imagine my delight to read that Merciless Public has discovered the delights of Kate Bush. Good effort, chum!

In other news, I was asked yesterday about the title of my blog. Well, I have to be honest, and give props to my old pal Matthew "Smithy" Smith who came up with the phrase many years ago, I think for an account he had on GreatestJournal. I liked it so much I nicked it for this waste of time.

Also, when it comes to the name Ewarwoowar, I have to give props to my Uncle Mike. Years and years ago, he made me laugh by making me say what you got if you took out the d's in Edward Woodward. It still makes me smile nowadays, to be honest, but that's just me. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that despite doing Creative Writing, I clearly am incapable of original thoughts.

Finally, I've just finished a book which scared me. Doesn't happen often, but Susan Hill's "The Woman in Black" did give me the jeepers. I thoroughly recommend it.
The TV adaptation of it can be found on youtube. There's no way effing way I'm watching it.

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  1. Thank You.

    And you do yourself a diservice, you are capable of original thoughts. Just imagine when this sitcom gets infinite repeats on De-ja-vu (what used to be Dave).