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Project Alniro #2

Hello. For regular readers of this blog, you'll know what this is all about. If you're not a regular reader, you can either visit here  for the comprehensive lowdown on Project Alniro, OR you can read this very brief round-up:

Myself and two friends set up a Twitter account, drew up a list of over 200 celebrities, and then tweeted them, asking these good folk whether they provided the acting prowess of a Mr Al Pacino, or a Mr Robert DeNiro (is waiting). Once we had tweeted all the people on our list, we would tally the results and I would put them up on this little blog here. 

So, let's do just that. Ladies and gentleman (and at this point I'd like to welcome all the visitors who have reached here from my advertising on Digital Spy - pleased to meet you!) here are a whole bunch of celebrities telling us who they prefer - Pacino, or DeNiro.

*NOTE All of these answers are listed in alphabetical order, and have been copied in full. I have not edited a single letter of any of them*

Kriss Kezie Uche Chukwu Duru Akabusi MBE is a former athlete, winning a silver medal at the 1984 Olympic Games, and a gold medal at the 1991 World Championships. He is now perhaps best known for bringing the phrase "awooga" into the English lexicon. (@krissakabusi)

"Pacino every single time!"

Pacino 1-0 DeNiro

One half of Armstrong and Miller, Alexander Armstrong presents 'Pointless' on BBC2, a slightly odd but watchable quiz show. He also enjoys Pimms. (@Xanneroo)

"I think De Niro to be the more nuanced of the pair"

Pacino 1-1 DeNiro

Now a Radio 5 Live presenter, Richard was sacked from his role at 'Blue Peter' after *rest of sentence deleted by nervous lawyer* (@richardpbacon)


(Ewar's decision - in a case of "both" or "neither" vote shall not be counted either way) Pacino 1-1 DeNiro

Mandira is probably best known to the people of Britain as the co-host of ITV4s coverage of the last IPL cricket tournament. She is a Bollywood actress, and, in my opinion, really rather gorgeous. (@mandybedi)

"Its Pacino all the way, tho i love Deniros sense of comic timing.. :)"

Pacino 2-1 DeNiro

A former CBBC presenter, Angellica is that cheerful lass who pops up on 'The One Show' occasionally, and now co-hosts segments of 'The Zone' with her partner, Michael Underwood. (@angellicabell)

"DeNiro! I have always fancied him and he's a GREAT actor!"

Pacino 2-2 DeNiro

Mitch Benn is splendid, although it's difficult to describe EXACTLY what he does. Folk-ish music player, stand-up comedian, radio personality, TV panel show extraordinaire, song writer...he's a very talented man. My father once complimented him, describing him as 'relevant'. Clara is his wife, and seems to be jolly lovely indeed. (@MitchBenn @MsClara)

"Both DeNiro."

Pacino 2-4 DeNiro

One of my heroes growing up, Chris Boardman is possibly the most famous professional cyclist to come out of England. Chris won 3 stages of the Tour de France, and was World Time Trial Champion in 1994. (@Chis_Boardman)


Pacino 3-4 DeNiro

Marcus is a bit like Mitch, in that he crops up in so many different places it's difficult to pin him down in terms of what he actually is. I think of him as a stand-up comedian who has branched out into other areas. You may have seen Marcus on 'Argumental'. (@marcusbrig)

"recently... Paccino. Over all - too close to call but De Niro does more damage with each new film."

(CONTROVERSY! In Ewar's mind, Marcus contradicts himself here. "Recently Pacino, but in terms of recent films, De Niro" seems to be his argument. I do not understand this. Thus, his vote is null and void. If you don't like that - tough. It's my game. Scores still the same.) Pacino 3-4 DeNiro

One for the sports fans, I suspect. Ned is a presenter for ITV sports coverage, most notably cycling but also darts, as well as being a reporter in Africa itself during the 2010 World Cup. (@nedboulting)

"well it's de Niro."

Pacino 3-5 DeNiro

I'm sure you all know who Mr Alastair Campbell is. I'm a fan of his, largely because he revels in winding people up as much as I do. If you haven't seen it already, please do youtube search for 'alastair campbell and adam boulton'. (@campbellclaret)

"de Niro"

Pacino 3-6 DeNiro

I'm sorry, I'm a huge sports fan. Hence all the sports journalists/presenters you're seeing on this list. Iain Carter is Radio 5 Live's golf correspondent, and he's ruddy good. (@iaincartergolf)


Pacino 4-6 DeNiro

Like Ned, Kelly also popped up on ITVs coverage of the 2010 World Cup. I don't want to do her any disservice whatsoever, but maybe it's fair to say she's best known as Kenny Dalglish's daughter. (@KellyCates)

"maybe 1% in it but I go for Pacino because of Godfather 2"

(This is Ewar's favourite answer, as it would be, pretty much word for word, what he would say) Pacino 5-6 DeNiro

'Soccer AM'. Let's be honest, when you think of Hells Bells Chamberlain, you think of 'Soccer AM' on Sky Sports. I've met Helen, and she's a lovely, lovely person. (@HellsBellsy)

"I'm no movie buff but Pacino for me. All down to the premiere of Any Given Sunday when he walked out & my date shouted "F*cking hell! It's Al P'f*cking'cino!" Still makes me laugh now."

(Second favourite answer) Pacino 6-6 DeNiro

A real mainstay on talkSPORT radio, Ian Collins first came to my attention with his excellent 'Creatures of the Night' show. He is a Chelsea FC supporter, which is unfortunate. (@collinslateshow)

"I'll go DeNiro. No contest."

Pacino 6-7 DeNiro

Nat now appears on ESPN, although he's perhaps best known for his presenting of 5's NFL coverage in the last two years. (@NatCoombs)

"To quote Dean Wormer from the mighty 'Animal House', each of them is outstanding in their own way". But, gun to head? Pacino."

Pacino 7-7 DeNiro

Daughter of the much missed Alan, Victoria has earnt over $1m playing cards. No, really! That is some life. She also presents 'Only Connect' on BBC Four, which my father loves. (@VictoriaCoren)

"I'm the wrong person to ask. I prefer Christopher Biggins to either."

Pacino 7-7 DeNiro (Biggins 1)

It's amazing what you learn from Wikipedia isn't it? I knew Gary was a stand-up comedian, but I didn't know he was in a relationship with Sarah Millican. So there we go. (@GaryDelaney)

"De Niro, but I've never seen Pacino so ignore me."

(Never seen a Pacino film?!) Pacino 7-8 DeNiro

This was my friend Dan's suggestion. I've no idea why we put Danny Dichio on our list, but he bothered to answer us so fair play. If you're not a football fan, Danny played over 400 games in his career and scored 92 goals. According to Wikipedia. (@DannyDichio)

"very difficult!! But I've got to say Bobby De Niro"

Pacino 7-9 DeNiro

Probably the most "famous" person who replied to us. Neil Gaiman, as I'm sure you know, is a novelist, and a bloody successful one as well. One of my favourite books of all time, 'Good Omens', was co-written by the great man. (@neilhimself)

"Pacino. De Niro was already in STARDUST."

(CONTROVERSY! As I mentioned earlier, the Twitter account was manned not just by myself, but also by my two friends - Dan and the mysterious G. You would think it would be easy to ask a celebrity a simple question like "Pacino or DeNiro", wouldn't you? However, Dan screwed up, and ended up asking Neil Gaiman which actor he would rather appear in a film adaptation of one of his scribblings. Hence his answer there.

My first thought was to declare Gaiman's vote as null and void. However, as I would go for Pacino, and Dan for DeNiro, I'm letting it stand. Screw you - its my ball, and I'll take it home!) Pacino 8-9 DeNiro

Are you Dave Gorman? No? Fair enough. He is though, and for most people Dave Gorman came to their attention with his quest to find people with the same name as him. Most recently, you might have seen him presenting the BBC 2 programme 'Genius', which is very good indeed. (@DaveGorman)

"I'm not sure you should be betting on my opinion of anything. But if you are, I'll negotiate for a cut of the proceeds."

(Sometimes in our tweets we told the celebs we were doing this for a bet, and not because we are incredibly sad with nothing better to do or nothing to contribute to society. Scores remain the same.) Pacino 8-9 DeNiro

We're now halfway through the celebrity answers. I don't know about you, but this seems a good time to take an interval, both for you and for myself. Let's all go and get some food and have a wee. Not at the same time. For your interval entertainment, I give you this:

And....we're back. Let's crack on again.

What a man, what a legend. I'm sure you know Krishnan from Channel 4 News, where he co-forms the perfect 1-2 punch alongside another legend, Jon Snow. (@krishgm)

"Fifteen yrs ago you'd have said De Niro. But now Pacino has got better and De Niro got worse. Insomnia v Analyze That obvious"

Pacino 9-9 DeNiro

A name perhaps not recognisable to too many folk, David is a cycling commentator on Eurosport, and for the past few years has done a sterling job on the Tour de France. (@spokesmen)

"de Niro...obvously"

Pacino 9-10 DeNiro

Dom is a stand-up comedian, yet every time I see him on my tellybox nowadays he's on 'The Wright Stuff', a show for people who can't cope with Newsnight, hosted by the ghastliness that is Matthew Wright. (@Domholland)

"de niro - cos he can do menacing (cape fear) and v funny (meet parents) Pacino is clichetastic

Pacino 9-11 DeNiro

You know who Eamonn Holmes is, c'mon. (@EamonnHolmes)

"prob De Niro - because of Bananarama !"

Pacino 9-12 DeNiro

Lynsey is an exciting young journalist with a promising career ahead of her. Quiz TV, ITV News reports, hosting Sky Sports News online, goal updates live at football grounds for Final Score...she's certainly adaptable, and is pretty cool. (@lynseyhooper)

"Would have to be DeNiro for me"

Pacino 9-13 DeNiro

You probably wouldn't recognise Dave Lamb by his name or his face, but I'm sure you would recognise his voice if you heard it. Ever seen the hit Channel 4 show 'Come Dine with Me'? Dave is the narrator who keeps that whole show afloat with his acerbic comments. (@Therealdavelamb)

"that's a tough one. Scent of a woman versus midnight run (not the obvious ones I'll grant you) I'll go Pacino, by inches."

Pacino 10-13 DeNiro

The man who makes Sky's cricket coverage splendidly brilliant, David "Bumble" Lloyd is former England player and coach. He supports Accrington Stanley FC. (@BumbleCricket)


Pacino 11-13 DeNiro

Do you read The Guardian? No? Probably the right idea. If you do, however, you'll know that Lucy has a column in The Guardian's magazine every Saturday, and chips in with various things in the main paper throughout the week. I understand lecturer extraordinare The Plashing Vole has a bit of a thing for her. (@LucyMangan)

"De Niro, De Finitely."

Pacino 11-14 DeNiro

Aussie. Cyclist. Sprinter. Tough son of a gun. 12 stage winner in the Tour de France. That's our Robbie. (@mcewenrobbie)

"i prefer De Niro"

Pacino 11-15 DeNiro

Former MUTV and now Sky Sports News presenter, perhaps it is slightly unfair to say she's most famous for being Gordon McQueen's daughter? (@HayleyMcQueen)

"De Niro, why my opinion counts is beyond me but that is my opinion none the less."

Pacino 11-16 DeNiro

Two Sky Sports News presenters in a row, and, let's be honest, two very yummy ladies indeed. (@meesj)

"De Niro x"

(A kiss from Sarah-Jane there, which now sits in my Twitter Hall of Fame alongside the kiss I got, virtually, from Katherine Jenkins. I am the Alpha male, clearly.) Pacino 11-17 DeNiro

Another stand-up comedian, although perhaps Justin is best know for his role in the unbelievably brilliant TV series 'Phoenix Nights' or the film 'Looking for Eric'. (@justinmoorhouse)

"I'd go De Niro"

Pacino 11-18 DeNiro

Miss Jacqui Oatley made history. No, really, she did, when she became the first female to commentate on a game for 'Match of the Day'. Jacqui supports Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. (@JacquiOatley)

"Flamin eck - that's like trying to choose between your parents! But I'll have to go Pacino."

(Third favourite answer) Pacino 12-18 DeNiro

Former fast bowler for New Zealand, Iain now plays over here in England, for Middlesex CCC, and seems like a jolly decent bloke. (@iainobrien)

"probably De Niro..."

Pacino 12-19 DeNiro

The man, the myth, the legend. Andi Peters. (@andipeters)

"I think Pacino..."

Pacino 13-19 DeNiro

Celebrity chef and Tim Lovejoy's right hand man on 'Something for the Weekend', Simon has also popped up on the ghastly 'Hole in the Wall'. (@simonrim)

"Pacino, but I don't have a strong opinion"

Pacino 14-19 DeNiro

Zoe is, like, well fit, you know? Former 'Blue Peter' presenter, all-round babe. (@Zoe_Salmon)

"De Niro purely 4 his versatility - need I mention the Fockers?!"

Pacino 14-20 DeNiro

Another name perhaps unfamiliar to non-sports fans. Di has fronted Sky's golf coverage for a few years now, and (I believe) is with pro golfer Nick Dougherty, him and his mad hair. Well done to him. (@DiSkySports)

"does 'Scent of a Woman' answer your question.."

(Yes it does Di!) Pacino 15-20 DeNiro

Suzanne hosts 'Midlands Today' in the early evenings, alongside the broadcasting legend that is Mr Nick Owen. (@suzannevirdee)

"I always get them mixed up!"

(Not particularly helpful. Scores remain the same.) Pacino 15-20 DeNiro

Dan is the host of BBC's 'Football Focus' every Saturday lunchtime, and what a good host of that he is. (@danwalkerbbc)

"Pacino...every time."

Pacino 16-20 DeNiro

"COOKING...DOES NOT GET...TOUGHER THAN THIS!!!!!" is what Gregg likes to shout every episode of 'Masterchef'. Viewers will know him as the bald one with glasses, who likes puddings. (@puddingface)


Pacino 17-20 DeNiro

Phwoar! I've got to be honest, even as a straight male, Rav Wilding sets the old heart pumping a little bit. Ex-Army, ex-Police force, now the presenter of 'Crimewatch'. I lied earlier, when I said I was clearly the Alpha male. No sir - Rav Wilding is the Alpha male. Let it be written in stone. (@Rwildthing)

"de Niro"

Pacino 17-21 DeNiro



So, what can we make of all this, if anything? I thought it would be a landslide for DeNiro, to be honest, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was as close as it was, until DeNiro pulled away a bit towards the end. What I found particularly interesting was that even though I love both, a competitive nature set in. As Dan clearly prefers DeNiro, I found myself rooting for Pacino - the underdog in my eyes.

I expected DeNiro to win as he is seen as more "mainstream" nowadays - as some people alluded to, 'Meet the Parents/Fockers' introduced him to a whole new audience from those who know him from 'Raging Bull' and so on. Personally, I hate those films - they're just not DeNiro in my book, and I possibly would even go as far as saying "he sold out a bit". Nevertheless, he is brilliant, and so is Pacino. As Kelly Cates said, there's about 1% in it, maybe less.

I would like to take this moment to thank my aides for this project - Dan and G. If you're not a regular reader of this blog, and you're on Twitter, give them a follow, they're both splendid:

Dan - @spotify_tapes
G - @vivelesteve
And I'm Ewar - @ewarwoowar86

To see the madness directly, and to see who didn't reply, feel free to check out @ProjectAlniro.

If you've read all of this - you're mad. Get some help. Nevertheless, many thanks, and goodbye!


  1. A magnificent venture - you should be proud.
    Props to Mangan, to the woman who modestly claimed her opinion shouldn't count and to whoever mentioned Midnight Run - an excellent film.
    More power to your elbow.

  2. Not being a sports fan most of these celebrities were lost on me.

    Fun read though.

  3. Very impressive!!
    (Sadly I don’t like either of them – but this is a great idea).