Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Hallo. I've got a few blog entries stored up in my mind, waiting to be unleashed onto you all over the next few weeks. However I appreciate that every blog entry recently has been quite lengthy, crammed full of writings and videos and absolutely hilarious jokes. So, in the spirit of Shakespeare, let's break off from the heavy stuff, and whilst we're changing costumes and moving bits of the set around, have some brainless jolliness instead.

In other words, think of John Barrowman as this blogs equivalent of Sir Toby Belch. Sit back and enjoy the awfulness:

(Many thanks to Dan for the first video. The man is shameless. Barrowman, that is, not Dan)


  1. That show of his makes me laugh. He says the show can make your dreams come true (or something) and to be fair to him he speaks the truth.... so long as your dream involves singing, dancing, or John Barrowman.

    Like a very very limited Jim'll Fix It.

  2. Dreams Barrowman made come true also included boxing with a world champion, aircraft wing walking ....