Thursday, 7 October 2010

Go Where You Wanna Go

If you're as obsessed with Google Earth & Google Street View as I am, hopefully you'll love this site as much as I do:

Click on "Teleport" and it will whisk you off to a random location. So far, I've landed on a motorway just outside Lyon, in France. A rather creepy empty highway in New Mexico, and a beautiful quaint cul-de-sac in Finland. Other people haven't been quite so lucky - one unfortunate soul ended up on an industrial estate just outside Bradford. Ick.

Have a go, and see where you end up. As for me, well, that's any productivity for the day completely gone...


  1. Brilliant, my day's booked as well. Sweden, Wales, Norway, then loads of dull American freeways.

  2. A suburb in Wisconsin, a roadside in Sweden with a small farmhouse, rural Indiana, an upmarket residential area in the Netherlands, Alabama, Sao Paulo.... loving this!

  3. This is superb. So much so that I have done a little bit of blogging about it. Good find sir!

  4. Switzerland is charming. Edinburgh's council estates less so. Top, top find.