Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Unofficial World Cup Sweepstake 2010

Once university slacks off for the summer, my friend Dan and I search for a "project" to undertake to a) last us through the barren months and b) give us an excuse not to get a job. Sometimes these silly little projects worked - asking a load of celebrities on Twitter whether they preferred Bovril or Marmite is a memorable high. Sometimes however they didn't work - Wilmington's Cow and Tarquin de Quincey spring to mind (yes, Vole, that was us - so sorry. It seemed funny at the time.)

A few days ago we (well, me, let's be honest) came up with another little project, and the good one about this effort is that it'll last for a wee while.

The Concept

Simple enough really - a World Cup sweepstake. 32 places for 32 teams (I did consider it making it 33 in a terrible Ireland based joke but decided against it) No cost to take part, and a prize for the winner (more on that later)

The Draw

The draw will be taking place tomorrow - Monday 31st May 2010. Sometime between 12:00-15:00 I fancy, if Dan has woken up by then.

The draw will be conducted by myself, however I appreciate that in these things honesty is very important. Therefore, I am pleased to reveal there will be an independent adjudicator present, and I am absolutely DELIGHTED to say we approached the legendary Jim Rosenthal to fulfil this role.

He said no, however, so we've brought in his twin brother instead. Please give a warm welcome to Jim Hosenthal!

Naturally, some people are going to be pleased with the draw, others won't. I'm afraid someone will get North Korea, and we all have a 1/32 chance of that unfortunate event happening to us.

Well, not me, as I've rigged it so I get Brazil, to be fair.

The 32 Competitors


-Rich B



-Mark Bright
-Helen Chamberlain
-Nick Dixon

Yes, you read correctly - thanks to the sterling work of the lovely Vicky, we're very pleased to announce that we have 3 very special guests taking part.

Mark Bright is a former Premier League footballer who was one half of the famous Palace strike force of Wright and Bright. According to wikipedia, the bastion of truth, Mark scored 167 league goals in English football. You can now catch Mark on Football Focus and as a co-commentator on BBC football.

Helen Chamberlain has been presenting Soccer AM on Sky far back as I can remember, and I can remember Gary "Stumpy" Stevens on the show. Wiki tells me this:

She also modelled in underwear for Euro 2004 in Trafalgar Square, and during the photoshoot caused the driver of a double decker bus to run into the back of another bus because he was staring at her.

I can't verify whether that is true or not, but I certainly hope so. What I can verify however is that she's a genuinely nice person, having had the pleasure of meeting her once.

Nick Dixon is a reporter on GMTV.

The Prize(s)

The lucky person who has the winning team in the sweepstake will receive a gift box, which will comprise of a box, funnily enough, filled with gifts, funnily enough. Please note however that the "gifts" will be random items that Dan and I don't really want anymore, so don't get your hopes up - hey, you're not paying anything to enter this, shut up.

Dan and I have been talking however, and we've come to the conclusion that if one of our three special guests (Mark, Helen, Nick) win, a gift box full of random crap won't really cut it. Besides, it would be a bit weird to ask any of them to supply an address to us - two random losers.

So we've come to the conclusion that in the case of a special guest winning, we'll make a donation to the charity of the winners choice, and the gift box will go to the runner up instead.

Is that it? Can we go now?

I think so. Immediately after the draw tomorrow we'll be tweeting/emailing/Facebooking/texting you with your country. Obviously we'll be keeping a record of it ourselves, but please do make a note yourselves so you can cheer on your team once the extravaganza of football starts. Excited?



We have now completed the draw, and as a few people have asked for the complete list of "who got who", here it is in the order it was drawn:

1) Ben - New Zealand
2) Dan - Japan
3) PBC13 - Algeria
4) benjaminjudge - Serbia
5) Rob - Chile
6) rm4rml - Brazil
7) Vole - Spain
8) Helen C - Slovakia
9) Vicky1978 - Argentina
10) Sidekick28 - Switzerland
11) sodpenguin - North Korea
12) Shaun - South Africa
13) Alex - Slovenia
14) daddytee2k - Honduras
15) danroye - Portugal
16) NickOGS20 - Nigeria
17) G - Ghana
18) Mark Bright - Australia
19) ManUtd24 - USA
20) Bob - Denmark
21) Ewar - Germany
22) Cash - Mexico
23) Rich B - Uruguay
24) Pholk - France
25) Timmy - Ivory Coast
26) Arun - South Korea
27) Know_The_Ledge - Paraguay
28) Ivan - Greece
29) engageyourbrain - Netherlands
30) Chinny - England
31) BigWelsh - Cameroon
32) Nick Dixon - Italy

Once again, good luck to all!


  1. Hello.

    Patrick came up with the initial idea. I did all the ideas stuff (the potential box decoration, getting Brighty, creating Jim Hozenthal).

    That is all.

    Oh and good luck. Mind you, if this is anything like the fantasy league you're all going to lose.

  2. Can you change my name back to Vole? Separation and all that. Quite pleased with my draw though.