Friday, 21 May 2010

Nike 1-0 Robbie Williams

You can tell it's World Cup year, as there seems to be an influx of football adverts at the moment. My particular favourite is the new Sony advert:

Well, it was, anyway, until last night I laid my eyes on Nike's effort especially for the World Cup. And all I can say is WOW. I frequent a football forum where popular things are disliked and it's almost frowned upon to admit that something is good, yet 95% of people who commented on this video said it is bloody brilliant. And by Jove it is.

Helpful tip - click on the title of the video to launch it in a new window, than watch it in full screen.

Rooney! Ronny! Evra! KOBE! Ah, it's just too good. Apparently it's officially being launched tomorrow, which I presume will be half-time in the Champions League Final.

What isn't so good however is the "new" version of 'Three Lions', the classic Broudie, Baddiel and Skinner football song. In 1996, it was the anthem of the summer, and as an 8 year old at the time it was almost impossible not to be swept along by the fervour that went with it.

In 1998, it was tinkered with and re-released for the World Cup. It wasn't bad, but in the Ewar household it was all about Fat Les and 'Vindaloo' that summer.

But now this. Updated once more, but this time it's with Robbie Williams and Russell Brand in tow. Yes, it's as bad as you suspect it to be, based on that sentence above:

Bring back World in Motion, that's all I can say.

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  1. That advert is genius and proof that in the right hands it is a genre worthy of respect.

    I think I might go and watch it again now.